Kevin Costner To Be In Zack Snyder’s Superman? Let’s Do This!

UPDATE: Slashfilm posted the following:

Latino Review reports that Kevin Costner would play Jonathan ‘Pa’ Kent. That was one of the few roles for which Kevin Costner seemed like a logical choice. Seeing him play a villain could have been a lot of fun, but Pa Kent will play solidly to his strengths and image.

Well, guess we know who he’ll play.

Original article follows.


Faster than a speeding douchebag, I’ve become a bit intrigued in Frat Boy Rock’s Superman. Word out of the Hollywood Hype Machine is that Kevin Costner of all people is up for a role in Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot. If Snyder is just going to go bananas with this movie, then I can get behind it. He wanted Lohan in the flick, and now he wants Costner.

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