Amy Adams Cast As Lois Lane In Synder’s ‘Superman’. Pissah!

It almost seems ridiculous to get excited about anything surrounding the forthcoming Zack Snyder Superman Reboot Abortion. Sucker Punch has taught me that. Well, it should have. Yet, here I am. Amy Adams has been cast as Lois Lane, and I can’t help but be excited. Isn’t this the definition of insanity or whatever?


The LA Times reports that Adams herself got the news from Snyder today. Adams made her cinematic debut with 1999’s Drop Dead Gorgeous, but it was 2005’s Junebug that really caught the public’s attention. Her turn as the chatty, naive wife to Benjamin McKenzie won over critics and earned her her first Oscar nod. Since then, appeared in a wide variety of films – some of her most notable films include Talladega Nights, Enchanted, Doubt (Oscar nomination #2), and last year’s The Fighter (Oscar nomination #3). She will next be seen in The Muppets as Jason Segel’s girlfriend, and On the Road as Viggo Mortensen’s wife.

It’s a great casting. Adams can play cute, smart, intelligent, assertive. It’s a shame she’s being wasted in what is more than likely going to be a thunder-dump.