‘Arrival’ Trailer: Communication Is Key (With Potentially Homicidal Aliens)

‘AMERICAN HUSTLE’ TRAILER: Thieving Thieves and Rockin’ Haircuts

American Hustle

Here’s the trailer David O. Russel’s latest jam, American Hustle. The trailer doesn’t feature much in the way of exposition but eh, who fucking cares? Tired of seeing trailers that spit out the entire premise. Instead we’re treated to Christian Bale with righteous shitty hair, Amy Adams in a swimsuit, and Led Zepplin. A fairest of trades.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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‘MAN OF STEEL’ TV SPOT: GLORY BE, there is Kryptonite in my pants.

Ah, god bless dumb fucking freeze frames.

The Impossible Reality continues to inch closer. You know, the reality where there is actually a good Superman movie, and somehow (doubly impossible) it is directed by Zack Snyder. Bask in this reality’s approach, courtesy of the first Man of Steel TV spot.

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Total Film’s new ‘MAN OF STEEL’ IMAGE got SUPERMAN AND LOIS LANE striking a pose.


[Update: now with way better qualities and shite.]

Want yourself a glimpse at Lois Lane, outside of that one-off that dropped of her in black and white last month or so? Total Film got you covered.

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First look of Amy Adams as LOIS LANE is all okay, business casual or something.

Amy Adams up in hurr, up in hurr.

Hey! Here is a black and white picture of Amy Adams holding an iPad. Technically, it is a first look of the actress in the role of Lois Lane. But for my money’s worth, it is pretty unimpressive.

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Rumor: Jimmy Olsen is a woman in ‘MAN OF STEEL.’ Heck yeah.

Jimmy Olsen.

If this rumor is true, it is going to be powerful enough to shatter the scrotum of women-fearing fanboys. There is a good chance that there ain’t no Jimmy Olsen in Man of Steel, with the movie opting to go for a female equivalent. Jenny. Here is hoping. Man of Steel doesn’t seem to give a fuck about diddling the Kal-El conventions, and I find it more intriguing due to that. An African-American Perry? Word. A red headed Lois Lane? Double word. A female Jimmy Olsen? Triple-combo-something? (I didn’t know where I was going with that.)

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‘THE MASTER’ FINAL TRAILER: Chock full of theta tension.

Behold! The final trailer for The Master. Hard to believe this movie is nearly at our our goddamn doorsteps.

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‘THE MASTER’ Gets SECOND TRAILER: Seymour Hoffman Checks Your Theta Levels

Chhhhhhhhhhhhhhrist (or is it Xenu?), I can’t wait for this flick. Here’s the second tense-as-fuck trailer for The Master.

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Amy Adams Cast As Lois Lane In Synder’s ‘Superman’. Pissah!

It almost seems ridiculous to get excited about anything surrounding the forthcoming Zack Snyder Superman Reboot Abortion. Sucker Punch has taught me that. Well, it should have. Yet, here I am. Amy Adams has been cast as Lois Lane, and I can’t help but be excited. Isn’t this the definition of insanity or whatever?

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