‘Suicide Squad 2’ has cast John Cena. I can’t see this not working out! Get it?

john cena suicide squad 2

The squad for Suicide Squad 2 continues to impress. I mean, John fucking Cena? Sign me up. Dude proved in Bumblebee he can play a very convincing blowhard (I mean this positively) with a square jaw, and the ability to crack jokes.

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James Gunn removes Deadshot from ‘Suicide Squad 2’ and Idris Elba will play a new character instead. Good! Good.

suicide squad 2 deadshot

James Gunn has decided that Deadshot ain’t coming back for Suicide Squad 2. And Idris Elba, who had been tagged to replace Will Smith as the character, will instead play a new character. I say fucking amen.

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‘Suicide Squad 2’ casts Idris fucking Elba to replace Will Smith as Deadshot. G’damn, this is good!

suicide squad 2 idris elba deadshot

Suicide Squad 2 is looking up, folks. James Gunn directing. Idris Elba replacing Will Smith as Deadshot. Gimme a hell yeah!

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James Gunn is directing ‘Suicide Squad 2’ and this makes all the sense in the world

james gunn suicide squad 2 director

James Gunn is fixing to be directing Suicide Squad 2. This makes a lot of sense, given that it is the DCEU’s equivalent of Guardians. Me? I’m fucking stoked for the news. As well, I’m pretty goddamn stoked for the DCEU right now. Between Wonder Woman 1984, Shazam, The Batman, Joker, Birds of Prey, and Suicide Squad they’ve got a seriously interesting line-up.

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James Gunn is going to write and possibly direct ‘Suicide Squad 2’ which makes perfect fucking sense

james gunn write direct suicide squad 2

The first Suicide Squad desperately wanted to be DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy equivalent. It emphatically was not. However, the sequel just might be. Cause it’s looking like James Gunn is going to be writing and directing the motherfucker.

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‘Suicide Squad 2’ being written and directed by Gavin O’Connor, for whatever that’s worth

suicide squad 2 writer director gavin oconnor

Suicide Squad has finally found its director. As well as its writer! The gentlefolk who will be taking over both duties is none other than Gavin O’Connor. The aforementioned O’Connor directed last year’s The Accountant, which I never saw. But seemed enjoyable enough to me.

I know, pretty underwhelming response from me. I’m just tired, and can’t manage yet another tits-sizzling DCU hot take.

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‘Suicide Squad 2’ Being Written By ‘Legend of Tarzan’ Writer. Oh, Warner Bros.

suicide squad 2 legend of tarzan writer

You, you can’t make this shit up. How do you follow-up a rotting, bleeding, bleating diarrhea monstro-dump? How can you possibly come close to matching how putrid it was? You enlist the services of the man who vomited up the Legend of Tarzan script.

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Mel Gibson In Talks To Direct ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel

suicide squad 2 mel gibson

Mel Gibson is in talks to direct Suicide Squad 2. Who better than a genuine mean-spirited piece of shit to direct a motley crew of mean-spirited pieces of shit? Christ, Warner Bros. Your stupidity in handling the DCU is perpetually invigorating in a sort of, visceral, repugnant sense.

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‘Suicide Squad 2’ planned for 2017 with Ayer and Smith returning

Suicide Squad Poster

I’m pretty excited for Suicide Squad. The latest trailer hooked me, with an irreverence and playfulness that I wasn’t expecting, and didn’t realize I was silently wanting. That said, I enjoyed the Man of Steel trailer. So what the fuck do I know/what the fuck can you really gleam from a trailer? None the less, the film is getting a sequel. With the director and Fresh Prince returning.

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