Stan Lee has passed away at the age of 95

stan lee dead 95

Stan the Man has sloughed the mortal coil at the age of 95.

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‘The Defenders’ Trailer: Looks like Punisher will join the squad, and Stan Lee narrates

Fucking of course The Powers That Be are going to shoehorn the Punisher into The Defenders. What the fuck was I thinking, sort of actually believing he’d be absent from the upcoming team-up.

Check out the trailer after the jump, friends.

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Stan Lee’s Life being made into ‘Espionage-Thriller’ Biopic by Fox

Stan Lee.

Hey, Fox. What you folks smoking, breh? High concept, low concept, garbage time, or brilliant post-modern diarrhea blast, who knows. Just pass what you’re smoking.

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Todd McFarlane draws Stan Lee for SDCC edition of ‘The Hollywood Reporter’

Stan Lee got himself an ‘AGENTS OF SHIELD’ appearance.

Stan Lee.

Stanley Lee has been in every single Marvel movie to date. Is that right? *Fact-checkers I’ve imagined nod at me* Okay cool. However all of those appearances are limited pretty much to a cameo. So you’d be comfortable assuming his gig on Agents of SHIELD would be the same sort of flavor. But you’d be wrong, bro! Wrong!

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STAN LEE on the mend after pacemaker surgery. Get well, good sir.

It’s hard to imagine a landscape without Stan Lee. Unfortunately born into a universe bound by laws of mortality, some day the good sir will be sloughing the mortal coil. However, not yet! The good man is recuperating following pacemaker surgery.

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STAN LEE Creating ‘Perfect’ CHINESE SUPERHERO. Make Mine Communist!

Stan Lee has more than likely found the last refuge where his name attached to a new comic book project means anything. The old dude is tasked with creating a superhero for a Chinese Government-run movie. I think.

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Trailer For ‘The Governator’ Animated Series Is Here. Pump It!

Oh sweet baby jesus. Take Arnold, smash him together with electronic prog metal, the Bat Cave, an Iron Man suit, Larry King, and the back end of a trailer featuring ‘Pump It’ by the Black Eyed Peas. That’s this trailer. Or, rather, that’s how you make a million zillion dollars. Fourteen retarded ideas, smashed together with a collection of aged icons, and some shitty music.


It’s amazing.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stan Lee Developing ‘The Governator’ For TV and Comics.

BASK IN THE DELIGHT THAT IS OUR CULTURAL APOCALYPSE. For sometimes it dredges up certain bullshit filth vomit that will still manage to entertain me. I will stamp in the puddles of filth that is our collective cultural consciousness, giggling as the fecaltainment splashes into my mouth.

Latest example?  Schwarzenegger and Stan Lee are developing  The Governator.

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Stan Lee Confirms The Thing Has An Orange Dong. Seriously.

Oh come off it. You know when you were a teenager, with your hormones giving you boners in Geometry class and your jacking off to .gifs you downloaded in AOL Chatrooms that you loved the speculation regarding the Thing’s cock. It was hilarious to you in Mallrats when the question was raised to Stan Lee.

Well, now old Stan has finally answered the question. Yes, the Thing’s cock is orange. Oh yeah, and he also talks about Reeds’ super hog.

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