Marvel’s Making An ‘Inhumans’ Movie.

Don’t fret, True Believers. Marvel’s bin of possible comic book adaptations is never, ever going to run dry. Why, just today it’s been discovered that they’re bringing the fucking Inhumans to the big screen.

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Stan Lee Reveals First Two Official NHL Superheroes; This Is Insane.

I am a big hockey fan. I am. Which is why I can say with ¬†assuredness that almost every idea the NHL has is fucking awful. Okay, I’ll acknowledge that the Winter Classic is choice, and this year’s documentary leading up to it was also stellar. But as an organization, it is routinely obvious why they lag behind everything else here in the United States.

File this under: yet another amazing disaster in the making. The NHL and Stan ¬†Lee have teamed up to create 30 unique superheroes under the title the Guardian Project. Comics Alliance quotes NHL.com which explains it as a “creative concept that organically and authentically incorporates various NHL elements but is not set in the world of hockey.” Oh, now I gotcha. A creative concept that organically incorporates the NHL and superheroes. How didn’t someone already think of this shit? Yup, this is going to breakdown the boundaries and get this sport back into the spotlight. Or, more than likely, it’s going to get two douchebags on Sportscenter talking shit as they fade out in some “Not Top Ten” list at the end of a segment.

Today, the first two superheroes were dropped. And good lord are they as awful/amazing as you could hope for.

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