Monday Morning Commute: Pain is Part of the Path

monday moring commute pain is part of the path

If pain is part of the path, I’m fucking crushin’ it, my dudes! I’m a real fucking pathfinder! Just dinging into things, physically, emotionally, and existentially! Bumping my shins, cursing loudly! But, I’m also doing deec as the kids say. Said! Probably said a long time ago. And, I’m here with you, my VirtuaFriends.

Spending some time in Monday Morning Commute! Showing you what I’m looking forward to this week! What I’m interested in. What I’m enjoying.

I hope you’ll share your own happenings and hype-beasts in the comments!

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[Long] Weekend Open Bar: Just Gotta Keep Livin’ Man

weekend open bar gotta keep living man

It’s the weekend open bar!

I know it’s a day late, but it’s a long weekend, so it all comes out in the wash? I hope? How are you fuckers doing today? This weekend? More importantly, what are you fuckers doing today, this weekend?

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Ridin’ SOLO: Reactions! [SPOILERS]


It happened — SOLO has been released.

It took the title-role casting of an actor that no one seems to trust and the support-role casting of an actor-comedian-musician-showrunner that’s beloved and the firing of the 21 Jump Street dudes and the hiring of the kid from Happy Days and a wading through a morass of antipathy that the fanbase hasn’t shown in over a decade, but it happened.

As a lifelong believer in the Force, I made my way to the first showing I could find. And now, I’m going to cannonball into a stream-of-conscious review/reaction of the tenth theatrically-released STAR WARS movie.

Of course, I’m much more interested in your reactions — so hit up the comments section and share your thoughts about the fourth post-prequel installment.


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Monday Morning Commute: I’m Trying My Best

monday morning commute i'm trying my best

I’m like, really bad at relaxing. Really, really bad. So bad that despite the fact that I’m supposed to have this week off from work, I still went in yesterday. Better yet, I ended up tutoring, too! It’s just, just difficult for me to wind down from teaching a class (or four) and tutoring thirty hours a week, and segue into not burning out glorious upon the Fury Road. I mean, today, my wife had to talk me out of going to the gym before I go to spin class tonight. I’m trying! I’m trying my goddamn best. I mean, I gave up on two trips to the gym today! That’s gotta…that’s gotta be progress, I think?

But, I’m here now! Connecting with you, my fellow trash-blesssed folk aboard the Space-Ship Omega! Inviting you to join me here in Monday Morning Commute! I got, I got a serious fucking caffeine buzz going, and I’m about to enumerate the various bullshit I’m excited about this week. The happenings that are happening that will happen to help me to enjoy this week off from work.

Then! If the Eldritch Ones hear my prayer, you’ll share your own weekly musings in the comments section.



Et cetera!

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‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ trailer is dropping this Monday. Man, I wish I felt something about this

solo a star wars story trailer feb 5 monday

Han Solo: A Banal Ron Howard Experience‘s first trailer is dropping this Monday, on Good Morning America. I really, really wish I gave a fuck about this movie, but, I don’t. At least not right now. That isn’t to say that I won’t like it, who the fuck knows. After months and months of shitting on both Deadpool and X-Men: Days of Future Past, I really ended up digging those movies. So! Again, who the fuck knows. But right now, my most common thought regarding Solo is genuine surprise at a Star Wars movie dropping in three months.

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‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ getting theme from John Williams, but Kathleen Kennedy will probably fire him

solo star wars story john williams theme

Get it?! ‘Cause Kathleen Kennedy is a fucking wrecking ball, taking out all sorts of talent at Lucasfilm?! Most maddeningly to me, the original directors of Solo! Get it?! Eh!? Am I bitter? Yup!

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Ron Howard reshot nearly all of the ‘Han Solo’ movie. So, here’s me giving no fucks about it

ron howard reshot han solo movie all of it

Man. There was trepidation in my balls when it was announced that Ron Howard was replacing Lord and Miller on the Han Solo movie. Now, I’m pretty much checked out on the entire fucking enterprise. I mean, Howard nearly reshot all of it? Here’s to overwhelming vanilla banality and weepy sentiment. His two favorites.

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Han Solo movie called ‘Solo: A Star Wars’ story, a title as unimaginative as Lucasfilm themselves

han solo movie solo a star wars story

Since the parting of its initial directors, I’ve regarded the Han Solo movie as an inoffensive fart done in a quiet room. At best, maybe an adequate, forgettable dish of vanilla ice cream. Well, said fart-ice cream has wrapped production finally, with a fart-ice cream title to match.

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