‘SAGA’ takes home 2013 HUGO AWARD. This is dope.

Saga #7.

Hell to the Robot Fucking Yes. This past weekend Saga Vol. 1 won the Hugo award for Best Graphic Story. Vaughan and Staples have continually delivered my favorite title of the month every time it drops, and it is delicious to see them getting rewarded for their excellence. I’m not saying it is the ideal way for them to get rewarded, though. In my mind, they come over to my house. I’m wearing nothing but a bikini made out of Jell-O. I serve them dinner (pasta and meat balls, obviously) while complimenting them on their wonderful title. After dinner we play Jenga, pausing briefly for neck messages that I dole out with extreme aplomb. They leave, really knowing that they’re appreciated.

But this is nice too.

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FIONA STAPLES cuts GORGEOUS ART for a Time Magazine article about ‘SAGA.’

So gorgeous.

Hnng. Fiona Staples artwork is lovely. Dare I say, nonpareil? I just wanted to use that word. Probably incorrectly, too. So uh whatever. Anyways! There is an article in Time Magazine about Saga, and the brilliant Staples cut a little bit of awesome artwork for the commemoration.

It’s totally the berries.

Hit the jump to check for the full image. Plus! More info.

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Apple wasn’t to blame for blocking ‘SAGA’, but they still pretty much suck.


As the world fucking turns! Apparently it wasn’t those Techno-Fascists at Apple who banned Saga #12 from the digital comic shelves. No sir, no ma’am. Turns out that ComiXology never even submitted it to them for approval. The company claims that it didn’t have to do with any particular sexual orientation, but can we just throw the flag on that bullshit? What then – what magical thing in the twelfth issue – prompted them to forego submitting it? ‘Cause they’ve submitted issues of Saga with raging rotting testicles, gratuitous hetero-fucking, and ultra-violence.

I ain’t buying it.

And Apple? Fuck them anyways.

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Apple bans ‘SAGA’ #12 from comiXology because of gay sex, Brian K. Vaughan is all “we ain’t compromising anything.”

Saga #12.

There is a storm coming, Annie! Grab Jar Jar Binks, and get your ass inside. Apple has banned the sale of Saga #12 from the comiXology app in their store, igniting an understandable uproar. Despite other issues having rather gratuitous rotting testicles and the such, this is the first issue of Saga to receive the ban. Most people are explaining the discrepancy by pointing out the fact that this issue of Saga depicts *gasp* gay sex. Oh boy.

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Brian K. Vaughan raps on the potential money in creator-owned comics.

Brian K. Vaughan has recently been getting his proselytizing on. The co-creator of the goddamn glorious Saga has opened up about the potential money to be made in creator-owned comics. Certainly he speaks from a perch of rampant success and fame, but he raises some good points. I’m personally glad the dude  and Staples are crushing it over at Image, and I silently pray Saga gets optioned for a flick just so Staples and him can get the riches they deserve.

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Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson: A Title Selling Out Isn’t A Good Thing

Eric Stephenson is the publisher for Image Comics, who are the hottest mainstream comics company in my eyes. Stephenson spoke out recently about the “success” of titles of theirs such as Saga  selling out at comic book stores. He definitely dapped it up with those titles, but also pointed something out: selling out sort of sucks.

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Monday Morning Commute: Breastfeed the Homeless

If you’re reading this, it means that you survived Monday, the most dastardly day of the week. For it is on this day that we are forced to return to our places of business, to do the bidding of others in the hopes that we may one day fulfill our own dreams. Unless you’re last name is Thoreau and you’ve got a friend who’ll loan you a nice bit of land, chances’re that you’re not taking yourself off the grid. Instead, you’re going to deal with a bullshit commute to get to job you don’t love so as to be able to pay the bills.


But since we’re all in this together, we might as well pool our minds together and come up with an antidote to workweek ennui. Thissere’s the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE – the weekly post in which I share with you the various ways I’ll be entertaining myself until the weekend. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to hit up the comments section and show off the Fun-Weapons you’ll be using while we pillage Boringville.

Without further adieu, let’s fuggin’ ROCK!

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Brian K. Vaughan Returns To Comics With ‘Saga’. Glory Be.

Brian K. Vaughan is returning to comics, and he’s bringing the gorgeous artwork of Fiona Staples along with him. It’s been too long Vaughan, too long indeed!

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