FIONA STAPLES cuts GORGEOUS ART for a Time Magazine article about ‘SAGA.’

So gorgeous.

Hnng. Fiona Staples artwork is lovely. Dare I say, nonpareil? I just wanted to use that word. Probably incorrectly, too. So uh whatever. Anyways! There is an article in Time Magazine about Saga, and the brilliant Staples cut a little bit of awesome artwork for the commemoration.

It’s totally the berries.

Hit the jump to check for the full image. Plus! More info.


There’s an article about SAGA in the latest issue of Time magazine! Here’s Fiona Staples’ illustration for it.

This was a last-minute drawing, but very fun to do! I don’t know if I really got Brian’s likeness. He said to just make him look “bald” and I guess I succeeded there. I am drawing on my faithful Cintiq 21UX with futuristic Ergotron arm.

The paperback is a minimalist redesign of Ex Machina that our amazing letterer/designer Fonografiks did. As well as lettering, he also designs our title pages and letter column, and created the elegant SAGA logo!

The dachshund is Hamburger K. Vaughan, who you will recognize from the lettercol if you follow us monthly. The Prince Robot plushie was given to me by a reader in Seattle (if it was you, please message me with your name because I didn’t get it! Augh!). The moogle is what I use when I have to shoot reference holding Hazel, haha.

[Fiona Staples]

So Dope.