Monday Morning Commute: Breastfeed the Homeless

If you’re reading this, it means that you survived Monday, the most dastardly day of the week. For it is on this day that we are forced to return to our places of business, to do the bidding of others in the hopes that we may one day fulfill our own dreams. Unless you’re last name is Thoreau and you’ve got a friend who’ll loan you a nice bit of land, chances’re that you’re not taking yourself off the grid. Instead, you’re going to deal with a bullshit commute to get to job you don’t love so as to be able to pay the bills.


But since we’re all in this together, we might as well pool our minds together and come up with an antidote to workweek ennui. Thissere’s the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE – the weekly post in which I share with you the various ways I’ll be entertaining myself until the weekend. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to hit up the comments section and show off the Fun-Weapons you’ll be using while we pillage Boringville.

Without further adieu, let’s fuggin’ ROCK!


Finishin’/The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)

I decided to stop being a snob for just long enough to read The Hunger Games. As such, I blasted through the first 220-something pages yesterday and intend on finishing the rest either tonite or tomorrow. Now, I wouldn’t say that Collins has crafted a novel that’ll be accepted into the canon of classics and taught at universities. But why is that a bad thing? In fact, THG is damn entertaining, and I have to give it props for being a young adult books that doesn’t (completely) pull its punches.

I’m really pulling for Katniss on this one. Something (*ahem* two sequels and a film franchise) tell me she’ll be fine, but I’m goin’ to keep on readin’ just to make sure.


Swaggin’ Out With/OFWGKTA

I’ve been to more metal concerts than I can possibly recall.   And although outsiders might see heavy metal shows as the downfall of civilization, I always feel comfortable there. After all, I know the etiquette – don’t run through the circle when Slayer’s playing, avoid the wall of death when Lamb of God cues up Black Label, and watch out for crowd surfers.

But when I go to see Odd Future on Wednesday nite, I’m going to feel out of my element. Hell, I think even folks that regularly attend rap shows are going to feel like they’re watching some sort of alien invasion. OFWGKTA attracts a really weird crowd, simultaneously luring those fans who appreciate their DIY attitude and willingness to push some buttons as well as the insane teens who think that each track is an instruction manual. So although I don’t agree with everything the collective raps about (God I feel like a lame old dude), I feel like I owe it to myself to check out their show.

Hell, they could be the new Wu-Tang.

Or maybe just pack of renegade youths.


Re-Readin’/SAGA – Chapter One (Vaughn & Staples)

I fucking love SAGA!

I know that with only a single issue having been released, I should be careful not to make knee-jerk reactions. But I’ll be goddamned if SAGA doesn’t have the potential to be an all-time favorite franchise of mine. In the course of this introductory chapter, Brian K. Vaughn presents a story that includes intergalactic civil war, magic, forbidden love between alien races, bounty hunters, TV-headed beings banging each other, political maneuvering, and sick battle scenes. Hell, I know I’ve got to be forgetting something, too!

Moreover, Fiona Staples’ art is nothing short of amazing. From tiny-paneled intimate shots to grandiose two-page spreads, she is absolutely killin’ these images. I’m not too sure what she’s done before, but her performance thus far is guaranteed to turn heads.

Again, I know it’s early but I really think that SAGA might be a work of science fiction/fantasy discussed for years to come.


So that’s my week – young adult literature, rap, and comics.

What’s your week looking like?