Fiona Staples on the madness she has to draw for ‘SAGA #7’; I am excite.

Pretty interesting excerpt dropped today over at Robot 6 from a Vaughn and Staples interview. Has me feeling all sorts of excited for whatever is coming out way in the seventh issue.

Hit the jump to marvel with me.

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Bought These F**king Comics – July 19, 2012: Let me be clear, Avengers vs. X-Men sucks. Saga Rules.

What’s up, jabronis! Yeah, I’m late with the column. That’s why I got all goddamn clever and changed the title this week to bought these fucking comics! Bought! Get it? ‘Cause these are the funnies I’ve already snagged on this finest of days. The funny book day. Let us gallop amongst the pull lists together, sharing and caring about the titles we procured at the LCS.

Haven’t snagged your titles? Don’t know what dropped? Hit up Comic List.

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COMICS WE’RE BUYING THIS WEEK: Experimenting On The Prophets And Bat-Men

Ahoy, good friends and passive enemies. This is Caff-Pow, and I’m here to guide you on this most glorious of days. Wednesday. The day that new comic book arrives on shelves and in digi-places, offering those of us who subscribe to the paneled page a new dosage of our narcotic. Here in this column we all gather around and share the jams, joints, dosages, dopeness and other assorted nonsenses we’re buying this week. I’ll go first. It only seems fitting I show you mine before you show me yours. Not sure what’s coming out? Hit up ComicList.

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Comics We’re Snagging This Week: Get That Broadsword Out Of My Secret Orifice

As I type this, it’s Tuesday evening. I’m on campus in the middle of another seven hour school night. Fuck, man! When you read this, such time will have passed. The groans of labor receded. It will be the most special day of the week. No, no, no. Not colonic and sugar cone Saturday evening. Though that day is a close second. It will be Wednesday, heralding the arrival of new funny books.

This is the jam where we all share the comics we’re digging this week. If you don’t know what’s dropping, hit up ComicList. Share your list, who knows what could happen. My colonic buddy is going away this weekend and if you’re comically compatible consider this your entrance exam.

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Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson: A Title Selling Out Isn’t A Good Thing

Eric Stephenson is the publisher for Image Comics, who are the hottest mainstream comics company in my eyes. Stephenson spoke out recently about the “success” of titles of theirs such as Saga  selling out at comic book stores. He definitely dapped it up with those titles, but also pointed something out: selling out sort of sucks.

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Monday Morning Commute: Breastfeed the Homeless

If you’re reading this, it means that you survived Monday, the most dastardly day of the week. For it is on this day that we are forced to return to our places of business, to do the bidding of others in the hopes that we may one day fulfill our own dreams. Unless you’re last name is Thoreau and you’ve got a friend who’ll loan you a nice bit of land, chances’re that you’re not taking yourself off the grid. Instead, you’re going to deal with a bullshit commute to get to job you don’t love so as to be able to pay the bills.


But since we’re all in this together, we might as well pool our minds together and come up with an antidote to workweek ennui. Thissere’s the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE – the weekly post in which I share with you the various ways I’ll be entertaining myself until the weekend. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to hit up the comments section and show off the Fun-Weapons you’ll be using while we pillage Boringville.

Without further adieu, let’s fuggin’ ROCK!

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COMICS WE’RE BUYING THIS WEEK: Crabapples, Breast-Feeding, and Aliens. We Have Win!

Come one, come all into the rodeo of splash-page-ultra-narrative death. This is Comics We’re Buying This Week, the column where we gather in a neat circle and share the new funny books that are exciting us. It’s communal. Like the showers. Like the water fountain. I go first. Don’t lag behind.  This week is replete with eccentric wunder-artists, premiere issues, and breast milk. It’s going to be fun.

Don’t know what’s coming out this week? Hit up ComicList. Excuses removed!

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Brian K. Vaughn Adapting Stephen King’s ‘Under the Dome’ For Showtime.

Brian K. Vaughn wrote some of my favorite episodes of LOST, but more important to most is that he is the writer behind Y: The Last Man. He can script with the fervor, thunder, et cetera. It is this thunder he’ll hopefully bring to his forthcoming Stephen King adaptation.

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Monday Morning Commute: Dead Hero, Dead Men, Lively Coffee

Those two fiendish goblins Boredom and Apathy are running amok, hoping to infiltrate the brain-bone of any unsuspecting humanoid. In the current system, the one that drags us down and demands we work far too long for far too little of a reward, they are highly successful. After all, Bordeom and Apathy sit outside of offices and follow workers home, striking just as TV-dinners are microwaved. But there is a refuge, a small oasis in the desert of the modern condition. And you know what?

You’ve arrived.

Welcome, my babies, to the Monday Morning Commute. This is the place where we share our ideas about the upcoming week. Here, we stave off malaise and depression and lack of enthusiasm! Join me!


Mourning / Irvin Kershner

Irvin Kerschner is dead. You know what that means, don’t you? That’s right, the last director to helm an amazing Star Wars flick is no longer a passenger on Spaceship Earth. The Empire Strikes Back isn’t just a credible sequel or a fantastic piece of science fiction, it’s one of the most affective stories I’ve ever experienced.

What makes the movie magical isn’t the mind-blowing special effects or the incredible battles – although they are appreciated – it’s the abundance of relatable elements of humanity. Friends are torn apart. Lovers seek passionate infernos, only to have complications extinguish the embers. An individual pushes himself to the limits of his capabilities, only to undermine his progress by leaving early. Hell, there’s even a suave black dude with a cape.

I have no doubt in my mind that without Irvin Kershner, The Empire Strikes Back would not be the masterpiece we know it as today. Hopefully he’s chilling in Heaven blue-ghost style, chatting it up with Richard Marquand. Hell, maybe they’ll even take it upon themselves to haunt Lucas on Christmas Eve, showing him the error of his ways.

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