‘Project Resistance’ Trailer: Capcom’ next ‘Resident Evil’ title looks like a squad-based survival game

New teaser trailer for the next Resident Evil jam! Seemingly a spin-off, it looks similar to Resident Evil: Outbreak.

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Capcom teasing new ‘Resident Evil’ game called ‘Project Resistance’ to debut at TGS. Get it, REsistance?!

resident evil project resistance

A new Resident Evil game? Debuting at TGS 2019? You bet your bottom fucking dollar! Apparently it’s going to be similar the online survival game Resident Evil Outbreak, which I never played.

Hit the jump for details and leaked screenshots!

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‘Resident Evil’ series coming to Netflix. It could be their ‘Walking Dead’ but good!

resident evil series netflix

Had to sling that cheap shot at Walking Dead, right? I mean, why stop now? Been doing it for years. Seriously though, a Resident Evil series could be great! Or, it could be ass, and we could just forget about it. Very low stakes, no?

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‘Resident Evil’ movie franchise getting six-film reboot, because uh yeah wait why

resident evil six movie reboot

Resident Evil is getting itself a six-movie reboot. I’ve never been particularly *against* this franchise, having enjoyed what I’ve seen for its comically ridiculous execution. But, man. These studious really going hard with the enormity of their announcements. Six movies? Why…why don’t you take it a bit slower?

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‘Resident Evil’ team is focusing on virtual reality games. Oh.


I don’t really sweat anything that the Resident Evil team does these days, after Resident Evil 6 and all. But I definitely give no fucks about their endeavors if they’re focusing on virtual reality games. That’s just me. How about you?

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‘Resident Evil 1’ getting remastered in HD. Coming 2015.

Resident Evil.

The original Resident Evil is getting a new coat of paint in 2015. Which I guess makes sense. If you’re Capcom and you’ve completely lost track of what made a franchise work, might as well go back to the original. Maybe study its workings while replastering the walls and apply that knowledge to Resident Evil 7 or whatever. You folks gonna buy this shit? I’m tempted.

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ABSURD: ‘RESIDENT EVIL’ composer is a fraud. Also may not be deaf as he claimed

Sick mane of hair.

Ridiculous news the last couple of days. For starters, the dude who “composed” the score for some prominent Capcom games turns out to have…not composed them. He was lauded at the time for crushing these soundtracks despite having gone deaf. Now the winds of truth have blown in, and it turns out the dude hired a ghostwriter for the scores. Oh, and he may not be deaf.

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Ah! The old school Jill Valentine costume. From you know, the original Resident Evil. Before the franchise was a smoldering ruin of betraying gameplay machinations. This’ll (it’s a word in my world) take you back. Way back!

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Chew your own face off: It’s Resident Evil 6

Whether it be good or bad, Resident Evil 6 is getting written about and talked about a whole lot. Every gaming website seems to be running a ‘best bit of a bad game feature’ or a condescending guide on how you’re playing it wrong, all just to keep that sweet advertising revenue rolling in and make sure they avoid another Jeff Gerstmann situation. That said, review scores have hardly been kind to the latest installment of the Resident Evil series and it isn’t hard to see why. Read the rest of this entry »

Bad Guys win and Heroes fall in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

The ferocity with which some fans yearn for ‘traditional’ survival horror from the Resident Evil series often blinds us to just how diverse a series it has managed to become. Throughout its history we have seen it shift to a more contemporary, action-centric pace with Resident Evil 5, have seen it re-interpreted as a lightgun shooter with Darkside Chronicles and now, we see Operation Raccoon City recalling the often forgotten co-op experience of Resident Evil: Outbreak. At first, the idea of setting a team-based, 3rd person tactical shooter within the Resident Evil universe may seem a little jarring, but when you consider the breadth of the series so far, it doesn’t seem that odd after all.

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