PlayStation Studios Working On 25+ Games and ‘Horizon: Forbidden West’ Still On For 2021. Fuck Yes!

sony playstation studios 25 games in the works

I’ve complained a lot about Sony’s dumb-ass moves this generation. I know, I know. But their first-party titles will have me continuing to pay fealty, and Jesus Fucking Christ are there a lot of them coming. In fact, them motherfuckers got over 25 games in the works and some of them are new IPs. Dope, dope fucking news. Also dope fucking news? Horizon: Forbidden West is still on for 2021, baby!

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Sony Has Invested in Discord, Will Bring it to PlayStation in 2022. This Matters To Me Now!

sony invests in discord coming to playstation 2022

Hey, did you know we have a fucking Discord? Yup! We do. It’s been getting going lately, and we’ve assembled a real collection of vagabonds, degenerates, and filth peddlers. In other words, a fantastic crew. Why is that relevant? Well, motherfucking Sony has announced they’ve invested in Discord, and they’ll be bringing that shit to PlayStation next year. That means I’ll be able to interact with said vagabonds, degenerates, and filth peddlers from the comfort of my PlayStation next year!

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‘Assassin’s Creed’ producer Jade Raymond forming new independent studio Haven to work on unannounced new IP for PlayStation!

jade raymond haven studio new ip playstation

Folks, star producer Jade Raymond is forming a new studio to work on a new IP for PlayStation. You know, I don’t think Sony realized they’d benefit when Google hired Jade Raymond away from UbiSoft. Google fucking folded, Raymond became a free agent, and now she’s working on a new IP for PlayStation. What a fucking fortuitous turn of events for the company, no?

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Sony sold as many PS5s in first 12 hours of pre-orders as they did PS4s in first 12 weeks of its sales. Good fucking god!

Sony got itself a motherfucking hit on its hands with the PS5s. We probably knew that already, right? But, how big of a fucking hit? The company sold as many PS5s in the first 12 hours of pre-orders as it did the first 12 weeks of PS4 sales. Mamma fucking mia!

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Nintendo Switch outsold PlayStation and Xbox in May. This makes sense, them consoles fucking oldddd

nintendo switch outsold xbox playstation may

The Nintendo Switch is still absolutely fucking beasting, friends. Meanwhile, the current iterations of the PlayStation and Xbox are starting to flag behind in monthly sales. But, this makes sense. The Nintendo Switch dropped two years ago, while the other two are closing in on six years old. Still, it’s an interesting time in the console wars, no?

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Sony has a new TV and film division for adapting PlayStation games. Gimme that ‘God of War’ series, please!

sony tv film playstation

Sony has created a new TV and film division. Its task? To internally develop properties based off of the PlayStation catalog.

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Fuck Yeah: Sony finally allowing cross-play starting with ‘Fornite’

playstation cross play fortnite

I’m happy about this. Not so much because it directly impacts me, but it shows Sony listening to its fans. They could sit fat and happy on top, but why not keep padding its image?

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Sony PlayStation Classic dropping this December. Like, where’s my fucking backwards compatibility tho?

sony playstation classic december

I know where my backwards compatibility is, okay? It’s buried under the prospect of making a cool $100 off chodes who are willing to buy retro consoles now. That said, knowing why don’t make me any happier about it.

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PlayStation boss Andrew House leaving Sony after over 25 years

playstation boss andrew house steps down

Andrew House has been around Sony for a long, long goddamn time. Done all sorts of shit, all sorts of shit for the company *waves arms around vaguely*, you know! Most recently, House has overseen PlayStation’s resurgence this generation.

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PS4 System Update 4.00 bringing Refreshed UI, Menu Changes, Folders, and More


I love my PS4. But I’ve had beef with its UI for, oh, I don’t know, almost three years. Why can’t I pin things where I want? Why isn’t there an intuitive list of quick choices? Sony, obviously hearing my clarion call, is finally addressing the UI in its system update 4.00.

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