Xbox One was top-selling console in July; outsold PS4 first time since 2015


The Console War is heating up! Maybe. Maybe not. Probably not. But for the first time in a good goddamn while, the XB1 outsold the PS4.

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‘Batman: Arkham VR’ E3 2016 Trailer: Don The Virtual Cowl

Sony is bringing ‘PlayStation’ games to iOS and Android Devices

The Sony Selection

Sony has created a new business division called ForwardWorks whose sole existence is to make Sony money. Uh! Make Sony money be bringing PlayStation games to mobile devices.

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PlayStation VR launches this October for $399


VR? Kinda cool. $399? Oh, okay, I’ll pass for a bit.

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Official: Hideo Kojima forms new gaming studio, ‘Kojima Productions’, working on a PS4 console exclusive

Kojima Productions

Hideo Kojima has formed a new gaming studio! With the same name as his old gaming studio! And this new studio? Working on a PS4 console exclusive.

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PlayStation 4 getting a $50 price cut in North America


PS4 is finally getting a price cut, folks. The OverLords over there at Sony have officially announced the reduction, which starts tomorrow.

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‘Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection’ for PS4 dropping October 9

Sony CEO says the PS4’s first-party line-up “sparse”, actually means “sad af”

Andrew House.

You know that a console’s first-party line-up is sad as fuck when the CEO of the company is actually addressing it. Sony Czar Andrew House has described his system’s first-party non-game line-up as “sparse”, and followed it up by rattling off a bunch of bullshit. Bullshit that Day One adopters like myself probably don’t give a fuck about. Because we bought the system for games.

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Sony’s new studio is focused on its virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus

Project Morpheus

Sony’s got a new studio focused on producing for the company’s virtual reality headset. And maybe I should have mentioned this earlier, but like, isn’t the peripheral’s codename just fucking perfect? Morpheus. Just strap this little bit of technology on, and go to sleep. Forget your life, problems, the world. Check out and write us checks for your eternal, now all-encompassing distraction. Or something. IDFK.

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PlayStation Now subscription service dropping January 13

PlayStation Now.

PlayStation Now’s subscription service is coming, finally, on January 13. And it’s bringing a subscription service with it. One of the head-scratchers regarding Sony’s game-streaming service was the fact that initially you only had the option to rent the games. Will this shift in policy get me to sign-up? Fuck nah! But I imagine it will for some.

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