Oscar Isaac in talks to star in ‘Moon Knight’ series at Disney Plus. Man, oh man, fuck yes.

moon knight oscar isaac disney plus

Jesus fucking Christ, this is amazing news. Oscar Isaac is in talks to star in the Moon Knight series on Disney Plus. Like, fuck. Too good, too good.

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Oscar Isaac producing and starring in Brian K. Vaughan adaptation ‘The Great Machine’ and this fucking rules!

oscar isaac brian k vaughan adaptation

Put this directly into my fucking brain, friends. Oscar Isaac is producing and starring in an adaptation of BKV‘s Ex Machina titled The Great Machine.

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Oscar Isaac wants to star in the ‘Metal Gear Solid’ movie and I’ve got a solid snake in my pants I know easy joke

oscar isaac metal gear solid movie

Oscar Isaac as Solid Snake? Sign me the fuck up.

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Oscar Isaac in talks to join Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Dune’ movie. Gimme a Hell Yeah!

oscar isaac dune

I don’t really know Dune. But, I do know both Denis Villeneuve and Oscar Isaac. Thus, I’m pretty sure I have good reason to be fucking stoked for their pairing.

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Rumor: Oscar Isaac up for “mystery role” in ‘The Batman’ as my hype increases

rumor the batman oscar isaac

I’ve been saying! Oh, I have been fucking saying that The Batman is going to be good. And, no news that has come out has changed my mind. I mean, Oscar Isaac up for a role? Fuck yes.

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Oscar Isaac reteaming with ‘Ex Machina’ director for ‘Annihilation’

Oscar Isaac

So. The cast for Alex Garland’s Annihilation continues to swell in its awesomeness. The film has picked up Oscar Isaac, who collaborated with Garland on the director’s previous movie, the fucking gnarly Ex Machina.

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Poe Dameron Body Pillows are coming; The uh, *Something* Awakens

Poe Dameron

I love living in a Universe where Poe Dameron body pillows are a real thing. Like, really real. I’ll take two – one for the wife, one for me (though, I think she’d prefer a General Hux variant).

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Watch: Oscar Isaac covers Bill Murray’s “Star Wars” Theme Song, is wonderful and perfect

Mash-Up: ‘Force Awakens’ Cast x that ‘Zoolander’ Scene

Leaked: New look at Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

People really did not like their first look at Apocalypse. Calling him Mighty Morphin’ PowerDouche and such. Me? I dug deep into my rotting brain and recalled my dismay at Singer’s Quicksilver when he was revealed. Then I recalled how much I enjoyed him in the actual movie. So I was (and am) willing to not make a judgment on IsaacLypse until the movie itself. But a new picture of Oscapocalypse, and it’s pretty dang good. I must say.

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