Opinions Vary: Building Character

Building Character

Character actors are the backbone of Hollywood. They do most of the heavy lifting; get little of the pay and almost none of the notoriety. That last one might be a blessing though. Anyway they are the unsung heroes of movies and television. So here’s my shout out to my favorite character actor.

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Opinions Vary: One Man’s Cabin is Another Man’s High School

Cabin School

I recently rewatched one of my favorite movies.  Then I realized that this particular movie was so similar to another movie, that one could basically be a remake of the other.  Lets investigate shall we?  We have a group of five young people, all selected for a purpose, and guided by some authority or agency that they cannot fight against to participate in a ritual that, given a conscious choice, they would not take part in.  It is only through subtle manipulation of their every action that they inevitable cause the destruction of the world.  The movie I am describing is of course the classic 80’s hit, The Breakfast club.  The remake?  Cabin in the Woods.  Hit the jump and follow me down the rabbit hole.

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Opinions Vary: Green With Envy


Just started new job today.  No time to write complete or coherent thought.

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Opinions Vary: Road to the Point


Hi kids.  Pull up a chair and grab a juice box, its story time.  I’ll be honest; I don’t really have much of an opinion for this week’s Opinions Vary article.  What I do have is my synopsis for a movie I wrote called Road to the Point.  Road to the Point is an ambitious tale that attempts to chronicle the obvious, but frustratingly untold, story that takes place between the movies Roadhouse and Point Break.   So hit the jump and get a towel ready, I’m about to blow your mind.

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Opinions Vary: Absolutely Sinsational


Hi boys and girls.  We’re a week out from Halloween, so I figured I’d do a theme OV this go around.  Today we’ll be talking about sin.  Shut up, it is too Halloween themed!  I’m sure everyone at this point is familiar with the concept of the seven deadly sins.  You know, Wrath, Greed, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, and Vanity.  This week’s OV is very simple.  Choose your sin.

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Opinions Vary: Spoiler Alert

OV spoiler alert

Hello out there in the interwebs. It’s time for another ride on Opinions Vary. This week’s topic … spoilers. So if you don’t mind spoilers, or even if you do, step on up, hit the jump and let’s burn this mother down.

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Opinions Vary: I want to believe

OV I want to

Today’s Opinions Vary will touch on a subject near and dear to my heart.  I am talking about Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories.

It’s hard to explain my relationship with conspiracy theories.  I love them.  I love listening to them, I love reading about them.  I also love poking holes in most of them as they are largely bullshit.  You see dear reader, I am a skeptic.  Pull up a chair, hit the jump, and let’s break this mother down.

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Opinions Vary: Pushing Forward Back

OV times

If you folks are anything like me, you’ve often thought how cool it would be to have super powers.  You also love avocados.  However this Opinions Vary has nothing to do with super powers … avocados might play into it later on.

This week’s Opinions Vary is about Time Travel.  More specifically, where would I like to visit in the sands of time?  Hit the jump and let’s do this thing.

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Opinions Vary: Practically Effective


I don’t mean to alarm anyone here, but sometimes I can sound like an old man bitching about how things today stink.  Usually I am aware of my behavior and I ham it up a little.  I like sounding like a bitter old man.  However today’s Opinions Vary is a very different beast.  I actually and truly believe the following.

I prefer practical special effects over digital effects.

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Opinions Vary: You’re Special

opinions vary

You’re special. Doesn’t that feel good to hear? There is only one you in the whole, wide world. The feeling of being special is an innate function of the human psyche. Of course it comes in a million different shapes and forms, but our primal need to feel special drives much of the world as we know it. Today we are going to examine this phenomenon through my jaded little world-view, and see where it takes us. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure where this is going to go. But this is happening. Now.

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