Opinions Vary: Spoiler Alert

OV spoiler alert

Hello out there in the interwebs. It’s time for another ride on Opinions Vary. This week’s topic … spoilers. So if you don’t mind spoilers, or even if you do, step on up, hit the jump and let’s burn this mother down.

So here’s the question I pose to you folks out there. How do you feel about spoilers? Do you mind knowing what happens in books, movies, TV shows, or video games before you experience them? Or do you hate to know anything about everything before you get to it?

I suppose I’ll start. I am a mixed bag when it comes to spoilers. When it comes to movies and TV shows, I don’t mind general overviews, but I generally like to avoid spoilers. If I’m investing the time or money into watching something, I like to know going into it that I will think of it as time well spent. I hate wasting time on bad movies or TV that I can better waste on something else equally as unproductive, but more fun.  What I can’t stand recently however is the amount of spoiler material that is in most movie trailers these days.  I know most of the information that is shown is out of context and might not make sense when watching the trailer.  However, the information is recalled in the moment when watching the movie and thus can spoil the experience.

When it comes to books, I hate spoilers. If someone spoils a book for me, I want to kill them. It’s as simple as that. I can usually tell via the plot synopsis or author if I will like a book. If I get duped and I start reading a boring book, or at least a book I find uninteresting, I bail on it.

As far as video games go, I don’t care about spoilers. I care more about gameplay than I do about story most of the time. Sure a story I don’t care about will keep me away even if I like the gameplay. However I would rather play a game that is fun to play over a frustrating game with a killer story.

As a spoiler, I don’t really like spoiling things for other people. Unless they specifically tell me to spoil things, and I will ask them if they are sure, I will avoid spoiling things. I have far too many friends that hate spoilers to just go blabbing about key plot points in things I want to share with them.

So where do you folks stand?