Neill Blomkamp wants Peter Weller for ‘RoboCop Returns’ because fucking OBVIOUSLY

robocop neill blomkamp peter weller

In a stunning non-revelation, it turns out that Neill Blomkamp wants Peter Weller for his RoboCop sequel. Like, fucking obviously. Not surprising. I mean, the dude *is* RoboCop. That said, let’s get this fucking done.

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‘RoboCop’ being rebooted by Neill Blomkamp and the original writers. I can fuck with this!

robocop neill blomkamp original writers

RoboCop being rebooted? Ehh. But wait, it’s being directed by Neill Blomkamp? Hmm. And better yet, the original writers are involved? Well, sign me the fuck up!

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Neill Blomkamp reveales ‘Alien 5’ pulse rifle. Get hyped.

We all knew there would be pulse rifles. Obviously. Now with added RIS

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Well! Blomkamp’s Alien movie = direct sequel to ‘Aliens’


Neilllllll Blomkamp’s Alien movie gets more and more interesting. From pitch, to wet dream, to reality, to direct sequel to Aliens? Aiight.

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Confirmed: Neill Blomkamp’s next movie is his take on the ‘Alien’ franchise


What a difference a week makes. We’ve gone from Neill Blomkamp being all like “Fox would let me make that Alien flick I pitched” to Neill Blomkamp…making that Alien flick he pitched. Dope!

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Neill Blomkamp: Fox would make my ‘Alien’ movie


The press blitz for Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie has begun, and brings with it Director Nougats. One of the more intriguing little bits of pointless drivel to come from Blomkamp’s pressers so far is this: he’s like, totally, totally certain that Fox would make his Alien concept.

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‘Chappie’ UK Trailer: Mullet Wolverine f**king hates robots

Sweet drizzled tits! Chappie is dropping in March? That’s fucking soon. Despite my disappointed with Elysium, I can’t help but be stoked for this new joint by Blomkamp. His themes are dope, and his visuals are fucking out of control.

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‘Chappie’ Trailer: The Mind behind ‘District 9’ goes robo-comedic


Truth be told: I’m at work and I can’t watch this trailer. But I really want to. Double truth be told: I thought Elysium was raw ass. But I’m willing to forgive and forget that movie’s existence. C’mon Neill Blomkamp. Fucking wow me.

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Perhaps: Neill Blomkamp directing ‘HALO’ pilot for Microsoft

Halo 4

Who the fuck else would it be Caff, if not Microsoft? I know, I know. Hashtag redundancy. Anyways, before Neill Blomkamp was known for District 9 the good sir directed a series of stunning Halo short films. Bro was even involved in a movie adaptation. But things went and got stalled, which prompted Blomkamp to throw up the deuces. Dare we say the sir is returning to the franchise?

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New ‘ELYSIUM’ Trailer: Shittin’ on your favorite movie this summer’s lifeee.


Goddamn, this trailer. Hot off the presses (okay, not really), hardening me tits. Here is hoping Elysium delivers wht I’ve yet to receive this Popcorn Season: a slam-bang special effects shrapnel bomb that transcends its status as just that. A man can hope.

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