Perhaps: Neill Blomkamp directing ‘HALO’ pilot for Microsoft

Halo 4

Who the fuck else would it be Caff, if not Microsoft? I know, I know. Hashtag redundancy. Anyways, before Neill Blomkamp was known for District 9 the good sir directed a series of stunning Halo short films. Bro was even involved in a movie adaptation. But things went and got stalled, which prompted Blomkamp to throw up the deuces. Dare we say the sir is returning to the franchise?

A few years back, fans’ hearts were crushed when Neill Blomkamp parted ways withHalo. Before he made District 9, the director did a series of Halo short films and was working on a film adaptation with producer Peter Jackson. For numerous reasons, the project fell apart and fans were left thinking they’d never get to see Blomkamp’s vision of Master Chief.

Since then studios have tried and failed to make a Halo movie with Microsoft. Then, last year, plans for a Halo TV show were revealed, with Steven Spielberg set to produce. It was the closest thing to a film fans were going to get, as Microsoft said it didn’t want to make a movie. Now, things have  come full circle as a report says none other than Blomkamp will direct the pilot episode of the show.

Latino-Review admits the news is a little odd. Blomkamp has been vocal over the years about his disappointment with the project. With Spielberg on board as producer and Microsoft firmly in control of the project, it seems he could have decided to give the world one more shot.