Microsoft reveals the Xbox Series X boot screen animation; as well as its 2020 plans

xbox series x boot screen

Microsoft has dropped its Xbox Series X boot screen. And yes, I fucking get excited about this sort of shit. As well, the company has laid out its 2020 road map.

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Microsoft is planning second next-gen Xbox that’s cheaper and has no disc drive. Different models GET!

Friends, Microsoft’s carrying their multi-model console approach over into the next generation. It’s leaked out that the company ain’t just dropping their beefy, all-powerful next-gen console. Nope! Nope. Additionally, they’re going to be less powerful model, sans disc drive, for less cheddar.  It makes sense! I’m going all-in on the outrageously powerful model. But, it makes sense.

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Microsoft bringing back Xbox All Access bundles with Project Scarlett upgrade included in one. G’damn that’s gotta be tempting for some!

microsoft all access project scarlett

Microsoft is bringing back its All Access bundle. The motherfucker is essentially the same as a cell phone subsidization or whatever — you pay as little as $19.99 a month for 24-months. In return? You get a console, XBL, and Xbox Game Pass. But, wait, there’s more! If you choose to opt into the Xbox One X bundle? You’ll get a free upgrade to Project Scarlett next year.

Pretty fucking dope deal, no?

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Microsoft ain’t working on a streaming-only Xbox, despite what we all heard this year. Personally? I don’t give a shit.

microsoft not streaming xbox

Friends, the streaming revolution ain’t arriving as soon as we expected. Sure, Google has revealed Stadia. But, neither Sony nor Microsoft is ready to go in dick-first. At least not quite yet. This isn’t a surprise on Sony’s part. However, everyone was readying themselves at E3 for Microsoft’s Big Streaming Reveal. And that shit didn’t happen, and apparently won’t be anytime soon.

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Every Xbox One game will be playable on Microsoft’s streaming service, Project xCloud. Game streaming war is heating the fuck up!

Microsoft is going heavy into the game streaming service. We’ve known that for a bit. But, how deep? Apparently the company is going to be offering every single fucking XB1 title on it. I guess this isn’t surprising, right? Still though, kind of goddamn impressive.

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Microsoft and Sony form cloud gaming partnership. Love CAN bloom on the battlefield, friends!

microsoft sony cloud gaming

Cloud gaming is, if not solely the future, at least an integral fucking part of it. Case in point? Microsoft and Sony teaming-up, perhaps in an effort to stave off Google.

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Microsoft has patented an XBox controller with braille display. Accessibility++

microsoft xbox braille controller

Microsoft already has an adaptive controller to increase accessibility for gamers. That said, they’re not fucking done. Nope! The company has patented an Xbox controller with a braille display. Pretty gnarly.

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Microsoft is close to buying Obsidian Entertainment, may actually have first-party games worth buying soon

microsoft buy obsidian entertainment

Microsoft don’t have any fucking exclusives I care about, man. But, the company has been going on a shopping spree lately. They announced a slew of acquisitions at E3, and now they’re close to snagging Obsidian. At least they ain’t taking their lack of exclusive library laying down anymore.

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Microsoft announces their Xbox game streaming service, cause to the cloud we go

microsoft announces xbox game streaming service

Microsoft, sensibly, has decided to roll out their own game streaming service.

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Xbox All Access subscription is gonna offer you a console, Xbox Live, and Game Pass for a monthly fee. Hail, the future!

xbox all access console xbox live

The console environment, it certainly is a fucking changing. I mean, right? Look at this shit. Soon, Microsoft is going to begin offering a very cellphone-esque service. For one monthly fee you’ll get a financed Xbox console, Xbox Live, and Game Pass.

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