Marvel reveals ‘Moon Knight’, ‘She-Hulk’ and ‘Ms. Marvel’ series for Disney Plus. Jesus Christ, slow downnnn

marvel moon knight she hulk ms marvel disney plus

Marvel has revealed three more series for Disney Plus. Moon KnightShe-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel. Like, all of these properties make me juiced. But? Too much content, dude. Too fucking much.

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Rumor: ‘Ms. Marvel’ TV series in works, is John Ridley’s secret project

Ms. Marvel.

Remember that secret project Marvel signed John Ridley on to helm? Yeah, it may be a Ms. Marvel television series. Which would be the fucking dopest thing ever.

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So Gnarl: Ms. Marvel and Thor headlining ‘All-New, All-Different Avengers’ team

so gnarl

Fucking ballin’!

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Awesome: ‘Ms. Marvel’ writer G. Willow Wilson signs exclusive Marvel contract

Ms. Marvel #7.

Normally I’d be all bummed out about a creator I love signing an exclusive contract with one of the Big Two. You know. Can’t do their own thing. Playing around with someone else’s mythos. Blah blah blah. But I’m bipolar, and I’m also happy G. Willow Wilson has been rewarded for the sheer wonderful nature of her writing.

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Views From The Space-Ship: lower the toast. most formal etiquette is useless.


Welcome to the Outside-Inside look at my life, friends. The world viewed through my Particulars. This time of the year, this time of the semester, it’s mainly looking at books. Underlined sections of parchment parading around as anything other than what they really are — bullshit academic pandering by a bullshit academic (I don’t actually believe that, I’m just tired.) Anyways, check out my existence. My View From The Space-Ship. And share your own in the comments.

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Views From The Space-Ship: The House On The Hill


I am Caffeine-Powered-Guy. I’m a busy guy. A delirious guy. A guy with no underwear and too many smiles. Here’s a look at my world. You didn’t ask for it, and you shouldn’t accept my offer. But if you’re curious. Here it is. A direct camera feed from the porthole in my room on the Space-Ship into the outside realm. Feel free to share your own Existential Perspective in the comments.

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Monday Morning Commute: Jump. Might as well Jump. Jump!

It’s Monday! But fuck, who cares. You could grouse about that shit, or you can do what I did. Yeah, I did that. You know. Unleashed the soft-serve ice cream machine into the depths of my pants. Ran up to the first Authority Figure I could find on campus. Hugged him with a ferocity, velocity, and eagerness seldom seen. Embraced the cold, yet welcoming, explosion of soft serve ice cream that rocketed up out of my unbuttoned jean shorts. Hitting us both in the neck, face, tits, soul. Screamed “We just ice CREAMED all over each other. #YOLO #YOLO #BADPUNS”, not forgetting to say HASHTAG before all three.

You could do that.

Or. Or you could just come hang out in Monday Morning Commute. The collection of arts, farts, social engineering projects, cataclysmic poor decisions, and other things you’re looking forward to this week.

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‘Ms. Marvel’ scribe G. Willow Wilson taking her talents to ‘X-Men’


Ms. Marvel‘s writer is taking her talents to the X-Men Universe. Which, if her four-part X-Men run is anything like her depiction of Wolverine in Ms. Marvel, means that it is going to be fucking incredible. I WILL USE COMMA SPLICES.

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Cosplay: Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) dominating the game!

Ms. Marvel!

The current Ms. Marvel may be my favorite Marvel comic book jam going, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate some old school Carol Danvers. Right? Amirite?! I’m right. I knew it.

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Monday Morning Commute: With Alacrity, People!


Shazam! This is Monday Morning Commute. And I am Caffeine Powered, the faithful Steward of Space-Ship Omega. Much like I said almost verbatim last year at this time, I am a man under pop culture duress. With E3 popping off, I got my hands seriously full. So forgive me if I work my way through this column with stunning brevity this week. Oh shit! The point of this column? For you and me to share the various things we’re looking forward during the next seven days. Let’s fucking jam.

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