Monday Morning Commute: Jump. Might as well Jump. Jump!

It’s Monday! But fuck, who cares. You could grouse about that shit, or you can do what I did. Yeah, I did that. You know. Unleashed the soft-serve ice cream machine into the depths of my pants. Ran up to the first Authority Figure I could find on campus. Hugged him with a ferocity, velocity, and eagerness seldom seen. Embraced the cold, yet welcoming, explosion of soft serve ice cream that rocketed up out of my unbuttoned jean shorts. Hitting us both in the neck, face, tits, soul. Screamed “We just ice CREAMED all over each other. #YOLO #YOLO #BADPUNS”, not forgetting to say HASHTAG before all three.

You could do that.

Or. Or you could just come hang out in Monday Morning Commute. The collection of arts, farts, social engineering projects, cataclysmic poor decisions, and other things you’re looking forward to this week.


Hail Mary Mallon.

Bestiary. Drops. Tomorrow.

It’s so fucking good.



Might as well jump!



Seeing Big Hero 6 this weekend.

I am excited. IAMEXCITED.


Saw Nightcrawler last week.

Only behind Birdman.

For my movie of the year.


Bought comics on Saturday.

10 weeks of comics.

Pretty much an anxiety attack’s worth.


Played like an hour of Advanced Warfare.

Last week.

It’s good.

Life is busy.

Want more.