Monday Morning Commute: With Alacrity, People!


Shazam! This is Monday Morning Commute. And I am Caffeine Powered, the faithful Steward of Space-Ship Omega. Much like I said almost verbatim last year at this time, I am a man under pop culture duress. With E3 popping off, I got my hands seriously full. So forgive me if I work my way through this column with stunning brevity this week. Oh shit! The point of this column? For you and me to share the various things we’re looking forward during the next seven days. Let’s fucking jam.

Going to watch: 22 Jump Street!

22 Jump Street.

Really enjoying: Wolfenstein: The New Order


Totally enamored with: Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel.

Finished Skin Game and it was: awesome

Skin Game.

Wondering if: anyone is watching S2 of Orange Is The New Black? 

Orange is the New Black S2.

Preparing myself for: the end of the hockey season

Patrice Bergeron

Can’t stop watching: this Mastodon “Making Of” video


That’s me. WITH A QUICKNESS. How about you folks?