‘Men in Black’ x ‘Jump Street’ movie is real, titled ‘MIB 23’


I don’t give a fuck, I love this idea. Namely, because the Jump Street series has spent its life ridiculing its own existence and thereby making said existence really fun to watch.

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Sony Hack: ’22 Jump Street’ sequel could team-up with “Men In Black’

22 Jump Street

It’s 12:09 on Thursday morning. That means this particular morsel of Sony Leakgate has been out for a day. Or roughly 3,000,000 years in Internet Time. BUT FUCK IT. I RUN THIS ROOST. And this roost wants to talk about the absurd glory that would be this team-up movie.

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‘Jump Street’ directors are rebooting ‘The Greatest American Hero’

The Greatest American Hero.

Most of the articles covering this story are going with “LEGO Movie directors” in their headline. But I ain’t! I’m talking about the fucking Jump Street directors. Which, uh, are the same people. Chris Miller and Phil Lord. The two talented fuckers are once again teaming up, and this time they’re tackling The Greatest American Hero.

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Weekend Open Bar: Electronic Rain On The Digital Roof


IT’S WEEKEND OPEN BAR, folks. That can only mean one thing. The craziest goddamn post here on OL. Anything fucking goes within these walls. Think of this little Liminal Slice of the Internet as your watering hole for the weekend. Stumble in here with drunken ramblings. Or lament your God Abandoning You as you sit by yourself on a weekend evening. Post GIFs, share what movie you’re seeing, shave your head and share pictures of your razor burn.

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Monday Morning Commute: With Alacrity, People!


Shazam! This is Monday Morning Commute. And I am Caffeine Powered, the faithful Steward of Space-Ship Omega. Much like I said almost verbatim last year at this time, I am a man under pop culture duress. With E3 popping off, I got my hands seriously full. So forgive me if I work my way through this column with stunning brevity this week. Oh shit! The point of this column? For you and me to share the various things we’re looking forward during the next seven days. Let’s fucking jam.

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’22 JUMP STREET’ Red Band Trailer: Every reboot needs a sequel

All flying and shit.

The only thing more egregious than a reboot-remake-rething movie? One of those movies that is so successful that it generates a sequel. I loved the original 21 Jump Street with Tatum and Hill. I’m hoping the sequel will be self-aware enough to govern the film over the standard sequel-based hazards.

Hit the jump for the trailer.

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