‘Metal Gear Solid V’ finally achieves nuclear disarmament after five-years. At least it’s happening fucking somewhere!

I say, goddamn. Talk about the long game. After five-years, Metal Gear Solid V has achieved nuclear disarmament which triggered a secret cutscene. Shit was done on the PS3, whose player base has dwindled to the point of making it possible. However, still fucking impressive.

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Art: Colin Tan’s gorgeous ‘Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater’ posters

Sony teases ‘Metal Gear Rising 2’, so maybe I should play the first?

Oh word?! Metal Gear Rising Raiden: The Devil May Cry Chronicles is getting a sequel! Interesting. I didn’t ever get down with the original Metal Gear Rising. Wasn’t a conscious decision to ignore the game, though. In fact, more than one friend was all “bruh, stop stroking it to promo stills of The Rock from Furious 6 and check this game out.”

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Kojima on how SOLID SNAKE got his name. Yeahokaykojima.

solid snake and shit

Hideo Kojima is many things. Fan of eye-rolling, bloated philosophical cut scenes. Master of the Metal Gear kingdom. Perpetual tease. But now! Now I say dare friends, he is a liar.

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KOJIMA searching for a studio to remake ‘METAL GEAR SOLID’ in HD GLORY.


Hideo Kojima is searching for a crew of video gaming peoples to overhaul his iconic Metal Gear Solid using the Fox Engine. Fuck yes. I will take that for a dollar! Or twenty! However many of them there dollars it takes to control Snake on the cinematic masterpiece that kick started a series revival.

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Konami Recruiting For The ‘Latest Metal Gear Solid’

Go figure. There’s going to be a new Metal Gear Solid. Who knows what’s going to be going on in it, but Jesus Christ someone get that mustache off of Solid.

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Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and Zone of Enders HD Collections? OMFGSOMETHING.

Konami is striving to blow some assholes out today with their announcements. Not only did they announce more Contra up in the  hacienda, they also announced that they’re dropping MGS, SH, and ZOE HD collections into our gaping gaming gullets.

Konamiphiles, you’re going to need to lube that or you’ll rub it raw until it flakes.

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Hideo Kojima Isn’t Just Brilliant & Insane Metal Gear Creator; He’s Also 47 Years-Old and Jacked!

Oh, Hideo Kojima. Only you, of all people, would somehow end up on the internet shirtless. I don’t know if the Patriots put you up to it, of it you were just trying to infiltrate some panties – while obviously reading something by Murakami, Descartes, or General Patton or something. But these pictures are so win that it hurts.

Kudos do you, good sir.

Hideo Kojima Talks About His New Game. Incomprehensibly. As Usual.


Hey! Hideo Kojima today proved he doesn’t just talk mindless bullshit in his games:

via kotaku:

Kojima says, via Twitter, that he’s daydreaming/obsessing over his future project, putting his brain in “The Next Title Mode.” That means “pondering over the next project’s voice cast” and its “title, game design, story, characters, setting, mechs, casting, direction of the graphics, sound, beginning & ending, and key story sequences.”

“It all molds together naturally in my head,” Kojima writes. That next project could very well be the already announced Metal Gear Solid: Rising, announced at E3 2009 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, or something else entirely–just don’t get your hopes up yet, considering the Kojima Productions head’s obligations to the two still unreleased Metal Gear games and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Kojima also says his “next title” will “challenge a certain type of taboo.”

Wait, melodramatic statements? Overwrought bullshit? Why, it simply HAS to be Hideo Kojima.

Hideo Kojima spends most of his time making his video games incomprehensible piles of slop. He takes some interesting social commentary, wraps it around melodrama, sprinkles in a bit of pontificating, and all of a sudden like thirteen cool concepts come together as one retarded vomitfart of doom. In case you didn’t catch me there, I thought Metal Gear Solid 4 had like fourteen neat themes, but it culminated in a pile of shit.

Metal Gear Solid Mountain Dew? HOLY SHIT.

Mountain Dew + Metal Gear = Holy Shit

[ source : all games beta ]

Oh, just simply fuck you Japan. No, seriously. You lucking sons a bitches.


Here are two of my favorite things in the world, Mountain Dew and Metal Gear, slammed into a singular orgy of awesomeness. I need this so bad I’m considering importing it. Then I’ll hide in a cardboard box and pound them one after another, while someone sits outside the box and reads some philosophical slop that Kojima would pen into the game in some nonsensical and overly long cinematic.