Tom Holland cast as ‘Spider-Man’; Jon Watts is directing

tom horglands

The Spider-Man movie has landed its director, and star.

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Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man’ director search narrowed down to Ted Melfi and Jonathan Levine

Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Why was I still laboring under the delusion that Drew Goddard was running the Spider-Man project? Is he writing it or something? Or is it just wishful thinking, post-Daredevil? Anyways. Marvel’s search is down to these two dudes.

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Die, Novelty, Die: Disney (maybe) planning ‘Star Wars’ and Marvel TV channels

star warssss

Disney: They don’t just want to flood ocular globules with Marvel and Star Wars properties. They want to extract every last ounce of novelty out of those Universes, and ensure they become nothing more than another cog in their cultural imperialist machine. But uh! Maybe cool?

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Asa Butterfield cast as the new ‘Spider-Man’ for Marvel and Sony


The dead-eyed kid from the terrible Ender’s Game movie is now Peter Parker.

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Marvel wants Ava DuVernay (‘Selma’) to direct diverse superhero flick

Ava DuVernay.

Why, just today I was shaking my fist at my perception that Marvel was going into some homogenous downward spiral. Well! Perhaps it was too soon. ‘Cause the House of Cinematic Ideas is courting Ava DuVernay to direct a movie.

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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ going to be first movie shot entirely in IMAX


Go big, or go home, homie! With the Marvel Cinematic Universe trying to defeat the laws of thermal expansion (escalating stakes cannot continue forever), they are going to need to pull out all the stops for the next Avengers. And it looks like that applies even to how they’re filming it.

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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ shooting both parts at once, filming will take 9 months

Infinity War.

Chris Evans has confirmed that Infinity War is going to begin filming next year. No surprise. And it’s going to shoot both parts back to back. No surprise. Also? It’s going to take nearly a year. A brutal, brutal non-surprise. Is there going to be any actor even remotely not miserable with their participation in the MCU by the end of the Avengers: Infinity War shoot? Holy fuck.

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller making animated ‘Spider-Man’ movie for Sony

New Marvel TV show coming from ’12 Years A Slave’ writer, John Ridley

Marvel is bringing in some serious talent, in the form of John Ridley, to develop a new television series. Amid my own personal concerns about the forthcoming super-dilution and omega-saturation, it’s nice to see that at least Marvel is combatting that somewhat by bringing in talented people. To help them take over the world and burst pop culture after filling it relentlessly with its properties. You know.


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No Duh: ‘Spider-Man’ flick will star Peter Parker, according to Kevin Feige

Amazing Spider-Man #2.

I am one of those folk who really wanted Miles Morales to join the MCU, now that Marvel has joint (wink, wink) custody of Spider-Man once again. But yeah, I never held my breath.

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