Die, Novelty, Die: Disney (maybe) planning ‘Star Wars’ and Marvel TV channels

star warssss

Disney: They don’t just want to flood ocular globules with Marvel and Star Wars properties. They want to extract every last ounce of novelty out of those Universes, and ensure they become nothing more than another cog in their cultural imperialist machine. But uh! Maybe cool?


“Honey, what do you want to watch tonight?” “I don’t know, what’s on the Star Wars channel?” That seemingly impossible conversation could happen if Disney CEO Bob Iger has his way. The man in charge was recently doing an investors call and casually mentioned that Disney, which already has a booming TV division with ABC, ESPN and many others, could create channels dedicated to Marvel and or Star Wars in the future. Read more about the possible Marvel and Star Wars TV channels below.

Daily Finance (via ScreenCrush) reported on the quote, which was as follows:

 We have said that with these channels and these brands — ESPN, ABC, Disney, maybe even down the road something related to Star Wars and Marvel — we do have an ability as a company to take product, specifically filmed entertainment, television, movies, directly to consumers.

Iger didn’t elaborate on his plans, but you can be sure he will in the future. Until then, just looking at that quote, it sounds more like the channels would be a way to present already created entertainment instead of a place to showcase new stuff. So, for example, all of the Star Wars movies on a loop, the three Phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe over and over again etc. If that was the case, it would present a pretty unique opportunity for fans to watch true marathons of these stories without having to buy all the Blu-rays or head to the theater. Or, maybe, they could even show a fan edit and put all of the stories in order, blending TV shows, movies, cartoons and more.