‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Trailer: Do You Like Games, Little Man?

‘Chappie’ Trailer: The Mind behind ‘District 9’ goes robo-comedic


Truth be told: I’m at work and I can’t watch this trailer. But I really want to. Double truth be told: I thought Elysium was raw ass. But I’m willing to forgive and forget that movie’s existence. C’mon Neill Blomkamp. Fucking wow me.

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‘Dredd’ returning this month as online miniseries. Wut.


Where there’s a fucking dedicated producer, there’s a way. Dredd producer Adi Shankar has revealed that he’s bringing the series back. Maybe not as the fucking sequel we want (yet). But at the very least as an online mini-series. For free.

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‘GAME OF THRONES’ may get prequel on HBO? Hot Air++

Game of Thrones.

If hot air and mindless interviews are to be counted for anything, then HBO could be getting a Game of Thrones prequel. Such a decision would make sense, considering GoT is the hotness. Why wouldn’t HBO want to hitch their fucking wagon to the franchise for as long as possible? That said, watch in stunned silence as I undercut my entire previous sentence and state that I don’t see it happening. What do you folks think?

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Much Ado About Nothing.

Remember that Billy Shakes flick that Whedon cut last year in like nine days? Yeah, here is the trailer for it. Let me know what you think. Me? I’m not really sold. Despite Whedon being quite the heir to Billy’s witty repartee, I’m no feeling the actors in the trailer. Alas! Alack! They don’t pull off the dialogue to my liking. Does this mean I’m going to dismiss the entire endeavor? Naw, I’m still excited. Just a bit cautious, now.

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Cosplay: FRISKY POWER RANGERS morph my childhood. Into latex dreams.


SFW? NSFW? Ain’t nobody nude. But still. All that childhood. Wrapped in latex. This makes perfect sense to me, but I was also in a collision today.

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Emily VanCamp.

Emily VanCamp has landed the female lead in Steve Rogers: Hurting for Tony, Humping for World Peace. I’m not familiar with VanCamp, but I am certain she will perform the role admirably. Or not. Then I’ll hurl frozen hot dogs at her at SDCC, screaming that her love for Rogers could never match mine.

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TOM HARDY totally the lead in ‘SPLINTER CELL’ movie adaptation.

Tom Hardy! You can break my back any time you want, bro. You’re quite the berries when it comes to acting. So berries, in fact, that you may be enough to get me to give a shit about a Splinter Cell movie. Ooph, that was a sentence. What about you folks?

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DC doesn’t confirm SCOTT SNYDER doing ‘MAN OF STEEL’ COMIC. Pretty do confirm it.

One of those stalwart manners for cross-promoting a comic book and a funny rag movie is to get yourself a tie-in comic. Usually that sort of thing makes me puke chunks. Little corn-filled chunks, from them corn and beans empanadas that I pound before power lifting. Maybe this next one from DC will be different, though. They haven’t confirmed it, but word on the corporate-synergy-market-everything-into-paste vine is that Scotty Snyder will be helming a Man of Steel comic.

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