‘Watchmen’ showrunner Damon Lindelof wants to do something in ‘Star Wars’ and Marvel universes. Bro, let’s fucking go!

damon lindelof star wars marvel

Damon Lindelof, the central brain behind HBO’s Watchmen, wants to play in the Star Wars and Marvel universes. And given how fucking fully Watchmen rocked, I absolutely need this to happen.

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Spider-Man is staying in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We expected this, right? But, it’s still awesome.

sony spider man marvel deal

Spider-Man has returned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But like, he never really left. That said, I’m stoked.

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Miles Morales exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, according to Kevin Feige

miles morales marvel cinematic universe

#MakeMineMilesMorales, folks. Tom Holland is great. But. You know.

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No Duh: Kevin Feige confirms The Wasp will be in Marvel Cinematic Universe

Evangeline Lilly

We don’t know who exactly is going to play Wasp in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Obvious bet is Evangeline Lilly as Hope van Dyne. But what we do know is that The Wasp (whomever she is) will be in the MCU. Cause like, why wouldn’t Marvel Studios use all their assets?

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Tilda Swinton joins the ‘Doctor Strange’ movie


Doctor Strange has roped Tilda Swinton into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We are all better for it.

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Kevin Feige Promises: Marvel Cinematic Universe will never have a “dark turn”

Kevin Feige

I’m fucking holding you to this, Feige. Holding you to this! Despite my misgivings about the current direction of the MCU (justified, or not, hopefully not), I love this pledge.

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Confirmed: SPIDER-MAN joining MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE, role being recast

Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Free at last! Free at last! Spider-Man has been (somewhat) released from his Sony Pictures Prison, and joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And with that new beginning brings a new Spider-Man, as the role is being recast. The new Web-Slinger will first debut in a MCU movie before snagging his own. Given the Marvel timeline that has Parker’s own movie dropping in 2017, it seems his debut will be Civil War and not Infinity War. If I had to fucking guess.

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Rumor: Marvel wants Angelina Jolie to direct ‘Captain Marvel’

these two together mebbe

I have no idea if Angelina Jolie can direct. But Marvel wants her to. Maybe.

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‘Age of Ultron’ Non-News: The Vision to appear in other MCU movies


Gasp! The Vision will be in more movies than just Avengers: Age of Ultron. Hey, whatever. It’s non-news. It’s right there in the fucking title. But for those of us at home, covered in slop, covered in snow, covered in Chez-It crumbs, covered in self-hate, covered in Bucky Barnes homemade pajamas, it’s worth something. Something obvious, but still.

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Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ movie further along than previously thought


Inhumans is coming! Inhumans is coming! Marvel’s done it right, man. Slowly building up the fantastical elements of their cinematic universe. From a guy in a robot suit to a fucking talking raccoon, all of it was laid down progressively. Now, with the Tree and Homicidal Raccoon firmly entrenched in many people’s hearts (hi!) it makes sense that Marvel is going to push the cosmic even further. Why the fuck not? They’ve seeded the ground well enough.

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