Konami dropping massive ‘Castlevania’ soundtrack boxset this December. Holy moly, she’s a thick bitch!

How much fucking Castlevania music can you handle, fuckers? Konami is hoping it’s a lot, hoping you can handle it straight up into your guts. The company is dropping a Castlevania boxset this December and it contains 26 goddamn volumes. Fucking 26!

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Konami Has Filed New Japanese Trademarks For ‘Castlevania’ and ‘Metal Gear Rising’ Like They Still Make Games Or Something!

konami new japanese trademarks castlevania metal gear rising

Well, ain’t this shit interesting. Konami has filed new Japanese trademarks for both Castlevania and Metal Gear Rising. Could this mean they’re actually making new fucking installments in the titles? Furthermore, do they even have the talent in-house to do the franchise justice anymore? In fact, reports in February had them outsourcing the franchises. If so, who is going to get them? Who fucking knows! Intriguing though, no?

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‘Metal Gear Survive’ Trailer: Konami’s Post-Kojima Attempt with…Zombies

Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus (‘The Walking Dead’) reunite; game collab back on?

Kojima and Norma

Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro, and Norman Reedus were set to fucking rock with Silent Hills. Then Konami decided firing their auteur and gaming legend was the way to do, Silent Hills died, and Norman Reedus went into the ether. But maybe, maybe a collaboration is back on.

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Hideo Kojima being inducted into DICE Hall of Fame; del Toro presenting award


Kojima! Year of Kojima! His acrimonious departure from Konami has only increased the amount of love that public has for the auteur. Get fired, create one of the best games of the year. Get fired, create your own company. Get fired, get inducted into a Hall of Fame.

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Konami is hiring for new ‘Metal Gear’ after firing Hideo Kojima. Cold blooodddeeeddd!

cold blooded

Goddamn! Fucking Konami, man. I wouldn’t be surprised if they initially planned on getting out of AAA Game Production. But decided, just out of spite, to make a Metal Gear without Kojima on board. Them motherfuckers are Darkness. Pure Darkness.

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Report: Hideo Kojima is forming new studio; has officially left Konami


Free at last, free at last! Japan’s Nikkei is reporting that Solid Snake’s Daddy has officially left Konami. But wait, there is more! The outlet is also reporting that Kojima is forming his own gaming studio, and is in talks with Sony Computer Entertainment.

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Hideo Kojima was banned by Konami from attending Game Awards

hideo kojima

Hideo Kojima was supposed to show up to the Game Awards. He was supposed to accept an award for Metal Gear Solid V, which is by all accounts his final work on the franchise. ‘Cause, his ass is fireddd!!! #Vince McMahon. But apparently bro couldn’t even do that, because Konami banned his ass from attending the show. The weakest of sauces.

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Konami: Kojima hasn’t left our company, he’s on vacation

Hideo Kojima has officially left Konami; his non-compete ends in December


What has long been anything but confirmed has now been confirmed. Hideo Kojima has officially left (or is it “left”?) Konami. But don’t look for him to sit around on his ass long, as his non-compete expires in December. Any thoughts as to where he goes? What he does next?

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