Jupiter’s Juno spacecraft has found how deep the Great Red Spot goes. Motherfucker goes deep!

jupiter great red spot deep

We’ve known for a long time that Jupiter’s Great Red Spot was fucking superficially huge. But, we haven’t known how fucking deep it was. Until now! Thanks to Juno, we know that motherfucker is up to 310 miles deep. Goddamn!

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Jupiter’s moon Europa has water vapor! Only on one side, but let’s not get picky!

stable water vapor jupiter moon europa

Listen, why any motherfuckers focusing on the “only on one side” portion of this story? Silly! Dumb! Instead, let’s be stoked that fucking water vapor has been found on Europa.

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Hubble finds evidence of water vapor on Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede. Hell yeah!

hubble water vapor jupiter ganymede

Hubble is doing us all a solid, finding some fucking water vapor on Jupiter’s moon. Cause lord knows, there ain’t enough here on Earth right now. You know, given all the fucking droughts. Given the fact that I can’t fucking breath outside here on the East Coast because the West Coast is on fire. Okay, fine. A tenuous connection to this dope news, but cut me some slack. My air is poison.

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Jupiter officially has another motherfucking moon!

jupiter new moon

Jupiter just don’t fucking quit with this shit. Throwing around its thiccc fucking ass, officially gaining yet another new moon. Fucking chill, baby!

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NASA has detected an FM Radio Signal coming from Jupiter’s moon Ganymede. Claim it’s “natural signal” yeah okay!

nasa fm radio signal jupiter moon

That’s right, motherfuckers. NASA has announced they’ve detected an FM radio signal coming from Ganymede. The eggheads claim it’s a “natural signal” but don’t be a rube. This is how the good shit starts. Monoliths and shit. Let’s go.

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Jupiter’s moon Europa glows in the dark which is about as fucking rad as it gets!

jupiter's moon europa glows in the dark

Space! What cool fucking reveals do you have for us today? Oh! Jupiter’s moon Europa? It glows in the dark? Whelp, that is indeed fucking cool.

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NASA says the oceans of Jupiter’s moon Europa may be habitable. Wait, fucking what?

europa jupiter moon habitable

You know, with Reality on Fire, it’s easy to miss dope news like this. Check this shit out. The oceans of Jupiter’s moon Europa? May be fucking habitable.

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Space Swoon: NASA’s Juno captures Jupiter’s hazy high atmosphere. It’s gorgeous, brother!

jupiter high altitude haze

Yo! Peep a look at Jupiter’s hazy higher atmosphere! It’s courtesy of NASA’s Juno mission.

Hit the jump to check it out, ’cause it’s huge.

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Space Swoon: Jupiter looks like a bad ass ball of fire in this “lucky” infrared shot!

jupiter infrared on fire

It took merely hundreds of exposures by the Gemini North Telescope in Hawaii to captured this photo of Jupiter. It’s one of the “sharpest observations of the planet ever made on the ground” and it’s also gnarly as fuck.

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Some astronomers believe Jupiter is flinging comets into the solar system. Not stopping them. What the fuck, bro!

jupiter comets earth

Jupiter! For years, I operated under the idea that it protected the Earth from comets. That was the consensus! Fuck! However, some astronomers now believe it may be doing the exact opposite.

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