‘John Wick 4’ adds Scott Adkins to cast. Dude is my Fucking Favorite!

scott adkins john wick 4

For a couple years now, I’ve kicked around the idea of Scott Adkins joining the John Wick franchise. Well, now it’s fucking happening with John Wick 4. Dude has quietly put together a very, very kick ass VOD filmography, and this is a great break for the dude.

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‘John Wick 4’ adds Donnie Yen as an old friend of Wick. This rules so fucking much!

donnie yen john wick 4

How do you make John Wick 4 even more fucking amazing? Goddamn, you cast Donnie Yen. I cannot wait for this movie. Man, fuck. Maybe delaying its filming was a blessing in disguise if it led to this gnarly-ass casting.

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‘John Wick’ director helming ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ movie adaptation. Fucking fuck yes!

john wick director directing ghost of tsushima movie


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‘John Wick’ Creator is turning ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ into Live-Action TV series. Aiight, okay!

john wick creator dungeons and dragons tv show

I love me some John Wick, and I have an appreciation and interest in Dungeons & Dragons. Which means the idea of the Wick creator bringing D&D to TV is, at the least, very intriguing to me.

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‘Splinter Cell’ animated series coming to Netflix courtesy of the ‘John Wick’ writer. Oh, okay? Um, word.

splinter cell animated series john wick writer

There’s a Splinter Cell animated series coming to Netflix, folks! Interesting. As well, the fucker is coming courtesy of John Wick writer Derek Kolstad. Um, sure! Not the sort of news I was expecting, but what the fuck can we really expect anymore?

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‘John Wick’ is getting spin-off movie about female assassin. Awesome news. The bad news? The director is the fucking Underworld dude.

john wick spin off female assassin

I’m hype for anything in the John Wick universe. A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. A female assassin spin-off? Hype! However, I’m decidedly fucking not hype about Underworld director Len Wiseman. Woof.

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‘Birds of Prey’ getting new action sequences courtesy of ‘John Wick’ director. This is ineffably fucking awesome, dudes

birds of prey john wick director

As far as I’m concerned, Chad Stahelski is directing the best action sequences right now in American cinema. Like, fuck yeah. So, bringing the dude in to punch-up Birds of Prey? Hachi Machi.

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‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ series adds ‘John Wick’ writer Derek Kolstad. More ‘John Wick’ in everything, please!

falcon winter soldier john wick writer

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series has added a John Wick writer. Is this good news? Fucking yes! Anything that has a dash of John Wick is infinitely better.

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‘John Wick 4’ is already confirmed with a release date of May 21, 2021. Well done, everyone!

john wick 4

This news is so, so fucking good. John Wick 4 is already confirmed, after a kick-ass box office this weekend. I want a John Wick movie every other year. Until I die. Every other year.

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Monday Morning Commute: Don’t ask me, I don’t know

monday morning commute dont ask me i dont know

Hey friends! Drinkwater here. Caffeine Powered here. CaffPow here. Whatever appellation you want to hang on me, go for it. I simply don’t fucking care. Weird week here for me, friends. My wife’s grandmother passed away last week, and we’re in that liminal state. Between the passing and the service. Between the act and the acceptance. If you’re reading this babe, I love you! You’ve got this. And so everything feels in stasis until at least the service on Saturday. But as we all know, it’ll be a much longer process than that.

Meanwhile, I am in the doldrums of the semester. Tired. I’m tired. The students are tired. The staff are tired. We all out here, tired. So, apologies if nothing is truly sizzling my tits right now. I present to you Monday Morning Commute, none the less. And, I suppose that’s where you come in.

Indeed, hit up the comments section.

Let me know what you’re enjoying!

Furthermore, let me know what you’re anticipating this week!

I’ll go first, per the rules of this dance.

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