‘Bumblebee’ Trailer: Finally, Someone Made A Real Transformers Movie

I’m all about this Bumblebee trailer, my friends. In fact, I’ve bought in on the movie since it was announced that Travis Knight was directing it.

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‘Mr. Robot’ renewed for Season 4, which is great fucking news to me

mr robot season 4 renewed

Mr. Robot is getting a fourth season, and man, maybe we can have nice things. Even though I’m three episodes behind, the third season of the show has been blowing my ass-hairs into orbit. However, despite it’s fucking quality, I haven’t heard many people talking about it. Well, whatever the fuck, whatever the case, we’re getting more of the show. Good.

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‘Black Panther’ International Trailer: T’Challa’s Suit Gets Some Upgrades

Black Panther has gotten itself an international trailer, and I am 100% not fucking with it. Man, I’m so goddamn sold! I don’t need to be persuaded, I don’t need anything else spoiler. But, apparently, it features some dope upgrades for T’Challa’s suit.

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‘Final Fantasy XV’ Malboro Trailer: Death by Elder One

‘Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham’ dropping in September


The first issue of Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham (is that seriously the fucking name) will drop in September. The release will be the realization of that miraculous (HAHAHA) announcement back in September 2013 that the famed franchise would see its Gaiman-run completed.

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New ‘Furious 7’ Trailer: Ain’t Just About Being Fast, Bro

Four days since the Furious Folk’s Super Bowl drop and we’re already chewing on the delicious meaty gristle of another Furious 7 trailer?

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Shh: Microsoft hiring for “top secret” Xbox projects.

Steve Ballmer is ready.

Microsoft wants YOU, fuckboy!, for their Top Secret Xbox projects. Provided of course that you have the leet skillz required to execute their astounding vision. What could it be? Kinect with responsive teledildonics? A VR headset like everyone else? I can only imagine.

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Space Swoon: Behold the Frosty Slopes of Mars

Frosty Slopes!

Check it out, bruh! And bruhdette! It’s the fucking frosted slopes of Mars. Yeah, man. Totally wizard rager time at the ski slopes on the Red Planet! Winter break! Winter break a leg rushing to the local Space-Port, and book your ticket to the dopest ski resort in the solar system. OhwhatthefuckamIsaying? Let NASA explain it better.

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‘Bond 24’ News: Official title is ‘Spectre’, dropping Nov 2015, cast revealed.


Here’s a whole fucking panoply of news regarding the next Jimmy Bond flick. It’s dropping next November 6, its title is Spectre, and its cast is tremendous.

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Marvel movie madness: ‘Captain Marvel’, ‘Black Panther’, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and more announced


Goddamn insanity broke out today while I was at work. Marvel went ahead and just dropped their entire fucking Phase Three schedule. From the glorious Captain Marvel to motherfucking Avengers: Infinity War. I say goddamn! Enough to nearly break my dick as I squirmed in my seat. Left adrift from my computer, maddeningly refreshing Feedly on my phone. So yeah! you’ve already read about all this fucking shit already. (And if you haven’t, all the details after the break.) LET’S USE THIS VENUE FOR FLUID FLINGING AND MUCH EXCITE.

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