‘Black Panther’ International Trailer: T’Challa’s Suit Gets Some Upgrades

Black Panther has gotten itself an international trailer, and I am 100% not fucking with it. Man, I’m so goddamn sold! I don’t need to be persuaded, I don’t need anything else spoiler. But, apparently, it features some dope upgrades for T’Challa’s suit.


A brand new international trailer has dropped for Black Panther, and you’ll definitely recognize some familiar faces.

The new trailer opens up with the previous narration, but you’ll notice it now features the likes of Iron Man (Captain America: Civil War) and Captain America (The Avengers) alongside it. Fans will also get a new look at Black Panther‘s upgrades suit as his sister Shuri gives him a rundown of its abilities.

If you had any doubt as to what Killmonger’s goal is in the film, Michael B Jordan makes it pretty clear when he tells Black Panther (played by Chadwick Boseman) “I want the throne!” Killmonger will take any steps necessary to ensure that happens, which is why he seems to get his own version of Shuri’s Black Panther upgrade later in the trailer.