Disney blocking Fox’s backlog from second runs at indie theaters. Not cool. Looks like I’m fucking pirating them Disney+ shows!

disney blocking fox backlog indie theaters

There’s a million reasons why Disney owning everything fucking sucks, man. But, here’s one you may not have considered. The company is blocking indie theaters from playing second runs of Fox movies. Which, at least around here, is a pretty big bummer. The OL Crew has more than once gone to an indie theater to catch a showing of something at a revival house. Fucking alas.

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Disney officially, finally acquires Fox’s entertainment properties after Fox shareholders’s approval. All hail the fucking Monoculture!

fox approves disney merger

Well, you fucking nerds. You’ve, nah, we’ve gotten our wish. Disney is about to absorb all of Fox’s Marvel properties into its bulging, straining corpus.

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Disney’s plan to acquire Fox is back on after they up their offer to $70 fucking billion

disney fox deal back on

Okay, okay, fellow MCU losers. We can untie our balls, unfill our asses, our sacrifices to the curiously erotic Gods of Pop Culture have been heard. Disney has sweetened its offer to acquire Fox’s film and television assets, and the deal is back on.

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Comcast is officially bidding for Fox’s properties, setting-up fight with Disney

comcast bidding fox disney

Fucking Comcast! Come on. Come on, dude. All of us MCU nerds were already stroking our pink giblets to the idea of a unified Marvel Cinematic Universe. Don’t do this do us. Don’t.

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Disney/Fox deal is consummated, X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

disney fox fantastic four x men marvel cinematic universe

I can’t help but feel a bit sick at the news that Disney and Fox have consummated their deal. Like, man. Talk about a fucking monoculture. But, you know. I’m definitely going to jizz when I see Thor, Peter Parker, Cyclops, and Reed Richards saving the world together.

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Disney-Fox deal is expected to be announced on Thursday. The Monoculture embiggens!

disney fox deal thursday announcement

Yeah, we’re going to be getting some X-Men in our Marvel Studios movies, folks. I know that’s what everyone is interested in, as it pertains to the fucking Disney-Fox deal. That, and not, you know, Disney slowly acquiring our entire goddamn culture. X-Men! With the Avengers! Wee!

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Disney could close deal with Fox for its film and TV properties as early as next fucking week

disney fox close deal next week

Folks, it seems as though Disney’s fattening is going to continue. If you believe the tea leaves and the echo chamber, consummation may begin as soon as next week.

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Disney’s back in talks to buy Fox and things are reportedly speeding up. Hail, the Monoculture!

disney fox

So like, is Disney going to consummate this latest engorgement, or nah? I’m trying to figure out if I can be excited about Feige and company stepping in and unfucking the X-Men and Fantastic Four movie franchises.

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Rumor: ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot based on unpublished Mark Millar children’s book. Go home Fox, you’re drunk

fantastic four childrens book reboot mark millar

What the fuck are you doing, Fox. Like, can we just give the rights back to Marvel Studios at this point? Please? Jesus fucking Christ. This is a nonsensical idea if the book was written by anyone, let alone Mark Millar.

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Fox sets dates for six mystery Marvel films, cause oversaturation is a myth

fox sets dates six marvel movies

Everyone, everyone wants in on extended universes. Thus far, I’d say only Marvel has pulled one off, though DC seems to be rallying. Others have tried, preemptively, to announce their own universes, then fallen into a pile of their own feces-pies. I’m looking at you, Dark Universe. So it makes sense that Fox is looking to establish a slate of films, but goddamn if I don’t think they may be jumping the gun.

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