‘The Gifted’ Trailer: The Mutant Species Spreads (To TV)

Hey, it’s a trailer for The Gifted. Fox’s X-Men TV drama.

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Fox’s ‘X-Men’ TV Series Casts Jamie Chung As Blink

fox x-men jamie chung blink

Fox has announced its first casting for the X-Men TV series. Jamie Chung! As Blink!

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Fox Officially Orders ‘X-Men’ TV Pilot We All Thought Was Already Ordered

fox orders x-men tv pilot

Imma…Imma fucking level with you. I thought Fox had already ordered an X-Men TV pilot.

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Fox Sets Dates For Two Mystery Marvel Movies

fox marvel movie dates

Fox has set the date for two mystery Marvel movies. You like that? “Mystery” movies. That’s how we phrase it these days. They’re definitely not just unannounced. Mysteries!

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Neil Gaiman Developing Fantasy Show For Fox; Sounds like ‘Sliders’

neil gaiman fantasy show fox

Man, Sliders was a fucking classic. It was! Neil Gaiman’s new show? Probably not Sliders. Sounds a lot like it though, and that’s a good thing.

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Fox Planning Soft Reboot Of ‘X-Men’ Movie Franchise


It’s been a few years since Fox rebooted X-Men with First Class. Then they sort of un-rebooted it, by bringing back some of the original cast. Now it appears that they’re going to do a re-reboot. Try to keep up.

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Stan Lee’s Life being made into ‘Espionage-Thriller’ Biopic by Fox

Stan Lee.

Hey, Fox. What you folks smoking, breh? High concept, low concept, garbage time, or brilliant post-modern diarrhea blast, who knows. Just pass what you’re smoking.

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Marvel co-producing an ‘X-Men’ TV series on FOX

X-Men - Days of Future Past.

Marvel is getting into bed with FOX, at least in some manner. It isn’t exactly Wolverine in Infinity War (dammit!), but the two companies are teaming up to bring an X-Men series to the TV channel.

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Rumor: Marvel Studios and Fox considering a crossover of some sort


Torn, man. I sort of file this under “baseless rumor”, and I don’t want to post it. But I also sort it under “fun fanboy speculation”, you know? Throw some chum to those of us geek-sharks here at OL. So here we have it. Marvel Studios and Fox finally teaming up down the road? Makes a lot of sense. Too much sense.

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Fox hints at more ‘X-Files’ coming in 2017-18


More X-Files! I didn’t fuck with the mini-series this year, but I know several people who did. It was uneven? I guess? That’s my takeaway. I’m content to let my old school X-periences (HAHAHAHA, I’m the worst!) stand on their own. But for those who dug into the mini-series, I imagine this is good news.

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