‘Final Fantasy XV’ director Hajime Tabata has announced his new studio, JP Games, Inc

final fantasy xv director new studio

Earlier this fall it was announced that FFXV director Hajime Tabata had left Square. That was followed by news that all of the title’s DLC was getting shit-canned. Well, we now know where Hajime Tabata went! To form his own fucking studio. I know that I bag on FFXV a lot, primarily because it’s very bad. However, the first half of the game is pretty dope, and I credit Tabata for that. Or, in other words, I’m saying I’m excited to see what he does next.

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Square Enix cancels planned ‘Final Fantasy XV’ DLC, disappointing fans of bad games

square enix final fantasy xv dlc cancelled

So salty! I know! But, whatever. Fuck Final Fantasy XV. Fans of the game, however, are going to be bummed. You see, the company has cancelled all but one of the title’s planned DLC. And, it gets better! The game’s director has left the company.

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‘Final Fantasy XV’ getting four new DLCs in 2019 because they gotta make that gil back, bro

final fantasy xv four dlc 2019

Oh fuck, Square has announced that Noctis and Bros are getting new content in 2019. The content just keeps coming and it seems as though Final Fantasy XV ain’t ever going away, folks! And, why should it? Despite it being approximately 50% of a game, people seem go go apeshit for it! Well, at least a good portion of people, and I even enjoyed that first 50%.

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Square Enix has created a new studio led by ‘Final Fantasy XV’ director. Should be called “Never Ships Studios”, right?

square enix new studio final fantasy xv director

I loved the first half of Final Fantasy XV. There never was a second half, so I can’t really comment on it. In its stead was a collection of garbage moments, non-narratives, and non-existent locations. So, if the director behind it is getting his own studio, I guess I’m fucking half-excited.

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OMEGA-CAST #22: Did We Just Become Best Friends?


Well, friends, it’s another edition of the friggin’ OMEGA-CAST. Truthfully, I’ve been sitting on writing up this podcast post for a bit now. Cause, well, this one goes off the rails quickly. Or perhaps more accurately, into previously uncharted territory. Despite evidence to the contrary, Bateman and I are generally completely in-sync with one another. From personal tastes, to underlying ideologies, and an unapologetic love of babes. Which is why I feel comfortable infinitely trolling him, and why he feels comfortable infinitely ingesting it. On this episode of the pod, for some reason, we open up about our mutually tumultuous childhoods. If you ever wondered how we both ended up the way we did, here’s a look at some of the psychological carnage. Aside from that? We get into Bateman’s quest to make ten-million dollars (seriously), uh some other stuff, and Final Fantasy XV. So, uh, enjoy!

Or you can skip all that and just enjoy Rendar going IN on Rogue One! Spoiler! He doesn’t like it. At all. 

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‘Final Fantasy XV’ Update In March Brings Chapter 13 Fix, New Level Cap, More

final fantasy 15 update chapter 13

So, Final Fantasy XV is getting a beefy, beefy update in March, alongside its first Episode DLC. Most notably? A “fix” to that pesky Chapter 13.

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Weekend Open Bar: Rocket Fuel & Rockin’ Fools


It’s the Weekend! Open Bar! Fuck, I know I’m late. Last night was a birthday dinner with family, rolled immediately into five hours of wrestling with Bateman. Oh! Lucha Underground. Oh! Wrestle Kingdom 11. Truthfully? I squeezed in a couple hours of Final Fantasy XV between the former ending and the latter beginning. Oh! No matter, no matter.

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Monday Morning Commute: Dunkin’ On Life’s Responsibilities This Week


Man, I ain’t got nothing to do.

Wife’s home. Wood stove pumping a pleasant, hearty heat. Admittedly, an unobtrusive but steady current of holiday corpulence-fueled diarrhea getting me up off the couch. But as I said, unobtrusive. A marginal push, a half-hearted wipe, and I’m back on the couch. Lounging. Admittedly, stank ass’d.

But hey.

Man, I ain’t got nothing to do.

It’s that wonderful liminal state between Christmas and January 2nd. Where the entire world seems slumberous, if not not working.

So let’s spend the hour, the day, the week together. This is Monday Morning Commute! Where we share what we’re enjoying during a given week! So, hark! The Calories and Diarrhea Golems sing! What are you up to? Let’s hang.


Man, I ain’t got nothing to do.

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‘Final Fantasy XV’ Getting New Game Plus Next Week

final fantasy xv new game plus

Every game should have a New Game+ mode. Every game. Especially games where you spend fifty+ hours accruing dope abilities you want, just to have the adventure end. I’m glad to see Final Fantasy XV is getting on board.

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Final Fantasy XV – One longtime series fan’s review


The web’s littered with reviews of Final Fantasy XV already, Square’s beleaguered fifteenth entry in its flagship franchise. I’ll try and share information and judgements you hopefully haven’t read a dozen times already. I’m coming from the perspective of a longtime fan of Final Fantasy, as a franchise. I’ve played almost all the mainline games, having started with the entirely iconic and brilliant VI back in 1994, and culminating with XIII, which did its best to break me with its amateur, fragmented storytelling and disappointing design decisions.

My playstyle with FF XV was to tackle the main storyline first, with an odd bit of optional content here or there, and see if the game grabbed me enough to keep going after that. As it turned out, this may not be the optimal way to enjoy this title, which just annoyed me a bit further. This game is definitely more of a road trip. You’ll probably walk away from it with better memories if you don’t blitz through the main campaign as I did, taking the time instead to essentially hang out with your boy band and wander.

If you’d rather skip my rambling and get to my list of pros and cons, hit Page Down like…twice or something.

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