Edgar Wright directing adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘The Running Man’ for Paramount. Holy fuck, yes!

edgar wright stephen king the running man movie

Holy shit, Edgar Wright is directing a new adaptation of The Running Man. Man, ain’t this good news for my ass. Given my love for Stephen King lately, and my adoration for Edgar Wright! Oh hell yes.

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Edgar Wright’s next movie ‘Last Night In Soho’ is dropping September 25, 2020. Goddamn, that’s a wait!

last night in soho edgar wright

A good goddamn, Last Night In Soho ain’t dropping until September of 2020. I mean. Motherfucker, are we ever being asked to wait for Edgar Wright’s next flick.  That said, you know. I’ll make its arrival all the more special. Right?

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Edgar Wright’s horror-thriller has the official title ‘Last Night in Soho’ and it’s starring Anya Taylor-Joy

edgar wright horror thriller anya taylor joy

Hell yeah, more news about Edgar Wright’s next flick! It’s titled Last Night in Soho, and it’s got itself a legitimately rising star.

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Edgar Wright’s next movie is a horror-thriller set in London and I’m fucking here for it

edgar wright next movie horror thriller

I’m here for Edgar Wright’s next movie, motherfuckers. But to be fair, I’m here for anything Wright is up to.

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Rumor: Edgar Wright directing ‘Bond 25’ is a “real possibility” whatever the fuck that means

bond 25 edgar wright

Just give Edgar Wright fucking Bond 25. Just do it, BondCzars. He’s far more conventional and popcorn-y than Danny Boyle, and he proved with Baby Driver that he can rock action.

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Edgar Wright teases that ‘Baby Driver’ sequel could be coming soon. Don’t play with us like that, dude

baby driver 2 edgar wright tease

A Baby Driver sequel? Happening? Like, really happening? Fuck yes.

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Edgar Wright currently writing ‘Baby Driver’ sequel script, let’s hear one for the good guys

baby driver sequel being written

Edgar Wright is currently writing a sequel to Baby Driver, which is pretty rad. The original was damn fun, and made roughly a “fuckton” of money on a “relatively small” budget. So, it’s nice to see an inventive movie being rewarded with both financial and critical success.

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‘Baby Driver’ International Trailer #2: Money, Sex, and Action

I’m really excited for Baby Driver, despite finding the titular Baby’s face eminently punchable.

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‘Baby Driver’ Trailer: Edgar Wright Returns With A Slick Heist Movie

Edgar Wright is back, baby (driver)! Dude has been quiet since dropping out of Ant-Man, but the trailer for his next flick brings the goods. A stacked cast, some great driving sequences, and the typical Wright-Auteur style. Can’t wait.

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