‘Dragon Age’ and ‘Knights of the Old Republic’ lead writer leaving BioWare

Dragon Age!

The lead writer behind both Dragon Age: Inquisition and Knights of the Old Republic is leaving BioWare after 17+ years with the company.

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Watch: Trailer For Final ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Story DLC, “Trespasser”

What happens when you save the world? That’s what DA:I‘s final story DLC will tackle. The content takes place two years after the saving of Thedas or whatever (I loved the game, forgot the story), and features, of course, a new threat. Has anyone here fucked with any of the DA:I DLC? The game itself was such an enormous, engrossing experience that frankly I need a couple of years off from the universe. But maybe you didn’t! Let me know.

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Monday Morning Commute: You Can Be Damn Sure We’ll Sequelize It!


It’s Monday Morning Commute! That time of the week where I share the various shizit I’m going to be totally rubbin’ up upon during a given week. These proverbial (and literal) dry-humpings are intended as salves against the burn of Existence. Ultimately empty employments of distraction that prohibit me from achieving some sort of proletarian cathexis designed to Damn The Man. But let’s be honest. We can’t damn the man, that ship has sailed. So let’s watch superhero movies, drink beer, and enjoy our moments of frivolity.

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OMEGA-CAST #15: The Hero We Didn’t Want


For the past dozen+ episodes of the OMEGA-CAST, Patrick Bateman has starred in a quality supporting role. However, this time the lovable, completely-stoned sociopath takes center stage in our descent into madness. Laugh at his non-sequiturs regarding the Powers that Be and the Televisor. Marvel at his input regarding the idea of concurrently developed sequels to one movie. Cower before his insanity when it comes to stalking celebrities online to “see how they’re doing.” From Star Wars canon to Dragon Age: Inquisition, he steals the show.

Listen on Stitcher, iTunes, or after the jump.

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Monday Morning Commute: When in Hell we do shots at the bar!

when in hell

Hello, True Believers! Degenerates! Booger Eaters! Slobs! Slovens! Functioning Human Beings! Individuals Excelling At Their Vocations! If you’re down with the Space-Ship, if you’re here by mistake, if you’re on the Fence and considering writing my Mother a strongly worded email. I want all of you! All of you to share what you’re up to this week. What’s getting you through the doldrums? This is Monday Morning Commute. And that’s the point of this column.

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Tuesday Afternoon Commute: All Aboard The Malaise Train


Welcome to Tuesday Afternoon Commute! It’s your Captain! Caff-Pow! Choo choo! I’m currently championing all rides aboard the Malaise Train. Here on the Malaise Train we have a vague feeling that things aren’t that bad but who cares when we’re just a collection of borrowed atoms and at best like seventy years away from dissolution? Yeah man I need to read some Camus, find the Absurdist Purpose, and rally. But until then I’m going to share what I’m “enjoying” this week as I stare dead-eyed at my Tumblr feed.

Share your own diggings, perhaps they can penetrate my perpetual pall.

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Weekend Open Bar: Sprang Breakk

sprang break

Oh, Lords of Kobol. Bless this rotten husk of a human. My week is over. After a stressful week of prepping to present at a conference, teaching, weeping, teaching, tutoring, prepping, driving to the conference, masturbating into a vial of tears in the lonely hotel room, presenting at the conference, and driving home. And to top that sweet, delicious-ass rump of a factoid off, it’s also SPRANG BREAK!!! So let’s gather around, folks. Pull a chair up to the Weekend Open Bar. The column at the end of the Universe where the degenerates aboard Space-Ship Omega (and you!) share what they’re up to over the course of the next two days.

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Monday Morning Commute: The Baby Just Babied You!

the baby!

It was a very special commute this Monday. The last Monday commute before I rock Spring Break next week! A commute suffused with the knowledge that a Siesta is approaching. A Siesta filled with much gaming, much reading, much much sleeping, and a little comic book convention (more on that next week), too. This is what I’m up to on this week before the Breaking of Spring, and I hope you share your travels, trials, tribulations, and titillations, as well.

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Cosplay: Dragon Age x Commander Shepard for the win

Dragon Age! Shepard!

Taking a brief (BRIEF) reprieve from my The Force Awakens Seminal Fluid Tidal Wave to post this batch of dope cosplay. Take the future BioWare extravaganza and focus it through the delicious lens of Dragon Age.

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Cosplay: Morrigan from ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ summons awe


Cause Morrigan is a fucking witch! She summons shit! And like. Yeah…yeah. Just enjoy the cosplay.

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