Tuesday Afternoon Commute: All Aboard The Malaise Train


Welcome to Tuesday Afternoon Commute! It’s your Captain! Caff-Pow! Choo choo! I’m currently championing all rides aboard the Malaise Train. Here on the Malaise Train we have a vague feeling that things aren’t that bad but who cares when we’re just a collection of borrowed atoms and at best like seventy years away from dissolution? Yeah man I need to read some Camus, find the Absurdist Purpose, and rally. But until then I’m going to share what I’m “enjoying” this week as I stare dead-eyed at my Tumblr feed.

Share your own diggings, perhaps they can penetrate my perpetual pall.


soutern crossz

Enjoyed: The first issue of Southern Cross by Cloonan and Belanger



Comedy Bang! Bang! continues to be my everything. 



If anyone tells you planning a wedding isn’t proof enough that wedding ceremonies are a bullshit waste of time and energy they’re probably rich, and had someone else plan it.


Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly is currently bouncing my speakers.


dragon age

Dragon Age: Inquisition is fun. It’s probably ruining my sleep cycle. But it’s fun.


That’s about it for me. What are you up to this week?