Watch: Trailer For Final ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Story DLC, “Trespasser”

What happens when you save the world? That’s what DA:I‘s final story DLC will tackle. The content takes place two years after the saving of Thedas or whatever (I loved the game, forgot the story), and features, of course, a new threat. Has anyone here fucked with any of the DA:I DLC? The game itself was such an enormous, engrossing experience that frankly I need a couple of years off from the universe. But maybe you didn’t! Let me know.


So you and your companions saved the continent of Thedas from certain doom. What have you done for them lately? Find out in September 8’sTrespasser, a downloadable epilogue for Dragon Age: Inquisition that picks up two years after the main story ends.

What happens to a world-saving organization when the world no longer needs saving? That’s the theme being explored in Trespasser, the final single-player DLC for BioWare’s role-playing epic. According to the brief synopsis posted on the game’s official website, players will revisit old friends, encounter a new enemy and determine the ultimate fate of the Inquisition, as they do.