Monday Morning Commute: You Can Be Damn Sure We’ll Sequelize It!


It’s Monday Morning Commute! That time of the week where I share the various shizit I’m going to be totally rubbin’ up upon during a given week. These proverbial (and literal) dry-humpings are intended as salves against the burn of Existence. Ultimately empty employments of distraction that prohibit me from achieving some sort of proletarian cathexis designed to Damn The Man. But let’s be honest. We can’t damn the man, that ship has sailed. So let’s watch superhero movies, drink beer, and enjoy our moments of frivolity.


Ya’ll know goddamn well I’m seeing Avengers.

This Thursday. 7PM showing.



I finished Station Eleven last week.

Really nice book. Post-apocalyptic novel.

Like wandering the Wasteland in Fallout 3

While contemplating the days before the Fall.



Ex Machina was fucking excellent.

Oscar Isaac is my everything.

ex machina


I’m going to beat Dragon Age this week.

There’s simply too much content in the game to “do it all.”

And frankly a lot of the content is bullshit padding nonsense.

Calls into question what constitutes “content” tbh.

I’ve enjoyed the journey but now it’s time to go home.



I don’t know, folks. Nothing much else on my plate this week. Tell me what I should be looking into this week.