‘Devs’ Trailer: Alex Garland takes his existential and technological anxiety to FX. And I’m fucking pumped.

Here’s the trailer for Devs, Alex Garland’s FX series. What, exactly, is this show about? I have no fucking idea. But, I’m ready to find out.

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FX orders “tech-world” thriller from ‘Ex Machina’ and ‘Annihilation’ director Alex Garland. Don’t fuck this up for me, nerds

fx alex garland tech world thriller

Man, Alex Garland fucking rules. So, I’m all about FX ordering a thriller from the science-fiction beast. My only worry is that you fucking nerds won’t be watching it, too busy jerking off to those lame ass CW shows and Big Bang Theory and shit. Please, watch this show. I need it. And forgive me, I’m just a big touchy after Annihilation made zero dollars, and Jumanji had a thirty-three week run.

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Alex Garland wants to make a ‘Swamp Thing’ movie and they should fucking let him

alex garland swamp thing movie

Alex Garland, director of Ex Machina and the upcoming (and apparently dope as fuck) Annihilation wants to make a Swamp Thing movie. Given the quality of his past two directorial efforts, and his further work as a great screenwriter, I say they should fucking let him.

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‘Annihilation’ Trailer: I Need To Know What’s Inside (Alex Garland’s Next Movie)

First official trailer for the next Alex Garland movie, Annihilation, has dropped. The flick is based off of the Jeff VanderMeer book of the same name, which I have not read. So, the trailer seems pretty dope, but, and I’m happy about this, I really have no idea what the fuck is going on.

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Oscar Isaac reteaming with ‘Ex Machina’ director for ‘Annihilation’

Oscar Isaac

So. The cast for Alex Garland’s Annihilation continues to swell in its awesomeness. The film has picked up Oscar Isaac, who collaborated with Garland on the director’s previous movie, the fucking gnarly Ex Machina.

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Alex Garland’s sci-fi adaptation ‘Annihilation’ casts Tessa Thompson (‘Creed’)

Tessa Thompson

Man! I haven’t read Annihilation. Our own Johnny Hotsauce was (I think) lukewarm about the novel. But fuck, I can’t help but get excited for the adaptation. I mean: Alex Garland! Tessa Thompson! Natalie Portman! Gina Rodriguez! Sign me up.

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Monday Morning Commute: You Can Be Damn Sure We’ll Sequelize It!


It’s Monday Morning Commute! That time of the week where I share the various shizit I’m going to be totally rubbin’ up upon during a given week. These proverbial (and literal) dry-humpings are intended as salves against the burn of Existence. Ultimately empty employments of distraction that prohibit me from achieving some sort of proletarian cathexis designed to Damn The Man. But let’s be honest. We can’t damn the man, that ship has sailed. So let’s watch superhero movies, drink beer, and enjoy our moments of frivolity.

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Karl Urban: “Conversations” totally happening about ‘DREDD’ sequel. DON’T FUGGIN TEASE ME BRO.


Karl Urban says that there could be a Dredd sequel. No shit! I mean yeah duh, there’s a Dredd sequel coming alright! It’s called The Raid 2! Ha! Get it? ‘Cause Dredd is basically a rip-off of the wondrous flick The Raid? Eh — who fucking cares. More than enough room in this fanboy heart for both.

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‘HALO’ MOVIE Killed By Microsoft’s DOUCHEY DEMANDS. Not Surprised.

Author Jamie Russell has recently put out a book called Generation Xbox: How Videogames Invaded Hollywood. Within the hallowed halls of this book is a description of just why the Halo  movie failed. All of it centers around the hubris of Microsoft. Big surprise there.

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