‘DOOM Eternal’ Trailer: Now With 100% More Laser Swords. Let’s fucking go!

Here’s the new trailer for DOOM Eternal. And it fucking rules, just like everything else that’s been shown of the game.

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‘Doom Eternal’ has been moved back to March, 2020 and now my fucking winter is ruined

doom eternal march 2020

FUCK. Man. Doom Eternal is more or less the only game I was sweating this winter. And now? Well, fuck. It ain’t dropping in November. Nope. It’s dropping in the crowded-ass Spring of 2020.

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‘Doom Eternal’ Trailers: Prepare to rip and tear Heaven and Hell on November 22, 2019!

Catching-up on posting the shit I dug from E3, and this is a big one. Doom Eternal is dropping on November 22 of this year, fellow Doom Slayers. Right before the Holiday season kicks the fuck off. And nothing screams “entertaining your mother-in-law on Thanksgiving” like playing a Doom game at three-thousand decibels after throwing the turkey off the wall in supplication to your Doom masters. Right?

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‘Doom Eternal’ Gameplay Footage: Ripping and Tearing is back and somehow even better than before

I’m being serious, my dudes. I got fucking chills watching this Doom Eternal gameplay footage. Fucking chills. Embedded above is the entire fucking Doom keynote, but if you’re looking specifically for the footage, hop to 1:16:22 for the first batch, 1:24:14 for the second, and 1:29:50 for the third. As well, shout out to Rock Paper Shotgun for the handy time-stamps.

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‘Doom Eternal’ gameplay reveal dropping this Friday. Rip and fucking Tear!

doom eternal gameplay reveal august 10

Rip and fucking tear, comrades! The first look at Doom Eternal gameplay is happening this Friday, and I’m fucking stoked. Since NuDoom is one of my fucking favorites of the past few years, I’ve been dying for a sequel.

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