ComiXology has passed 180 Million Downloads. Goodness me!


ComiXology has cruised past 180 million downloads. Just think about that. I wish I was some sort of financial wizard, so I could draw a correlation between this announcement and perhaps saving the comics industry. But I ain’t, so I’m just going to nod my head and imagine this is all excellent news.

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Eric Stephenson.

Holy Toldeo, Batman. Hot off of me lamenting the walled-in inaccessibility of digital comics just yesterday comes this news. Image is going to begin offering their digital comics as DRM-free PDF files. This is balls-out wank-worthy. Yep!

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Amazon rolls out KINDLE COMIC CREATOR. Make them funnies into Kindle books.

Kindle Comic Creator.

Another avenue has opened up for independent funny book mind-makers. (What?) Kindle has rolled out their Comic Creator, which allows people to convert their comic books into Kindle-format electronic somethings. Like all things given to us by The Man, you have to share a bit of the profit. But it’s got to be good for getting your name out there, I assume?

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Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin launch NAME-YOUR-PRICE digital comic. So amazing.

Private Eye.

No less than nineteen websites and our own Johnny Hotsauce kicked this across my plate yesterday, and yet I didn’t cover it. Hey man, I was shoveling. Don’t blame me, blame the weather. And general fatigue. Whatever, I know, I know, I suck. Anyways, Vaughan and Martin’s newest collaboration is awesome.

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This week’s COMIXOLOGY BLACKOUT confirms my fears over service.


Shock. Awe.

Real talk: I fucking adore comiXology. In a world where my LCS lets Rendar and me down every week, it has arrived like a beautiful bastard upon a stunning stallion. Lending me its hand, it murmurs in my ears the promises of taking me to a world where comic books are accessible. However, I have some reservations. Unlike Amazon and B&N’s proprietary services, there is no way to access your files. They’re intangible intangibles, and this is concerning. What if comiXology goes out of business? Or what if – say – Marvel breaks their servers?


I will continue using comiXology. It’s convenient, the comics look great in HD. However, they should let us consumers hold our files in our own hands.

Hit the break for Corey Blake’s far more eloquent interrogation of the problem.

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Warren Ellis on DIGITAL COMICS and the walled-in gardens.

Over at Robot 6, Chris Arrant has a pretty gnarly interview with Warren Ellis. They talk about a variety of topics, but the one that caught my attention was Ellis’ exposition on the state of digital comics. Specifically, my Master touched on the uncomfortable fact about services such as comiXology. Aside from its insipid name.

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Mark Waid: I’m Fine With You Pirating My Comics, Pirate People!

I’m paraphrasing, obviously. However the guts of the sentiment remains the same. Mark Waid is fine with people pirating his comic books — even the ones that cost money.

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Marvel is going ahead and locking up their digital comic book distributor, working exclusively with comiXology from here on in. Note that this is for single-issue. A worthy detail to appreciate.\

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First Look: Ben Templesmith’s Batman For DC’s Digital-First Series. It’s Hot.

I’ve never bought a comic book on my (girlfriend’s) iPad, but Ben Templesmith may just get me to do so. The talented duder has dropped a sneak peak into his interpretation of the Goddamn Bat-Man for DC’s digital-first Batty  anthology  and its stunning.

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Mark Waid SELLS ALL HIS COMICS To Go All In On Digital Comics

This is pretty fantastic. Mark Waid is throwing his chips into the digital comics game, and in order to fund this venture into the Unknown he is selling off his entire comic book collection. Say what you will about his writing (his Daredevil  is currently the truth), such a bold move has to be applauded

Hit the jump for the lowdown.

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