Desktop Thursdays: god damn it!, we’ll make it if you believe

desktop thursdays we'll make it if you believe

You fucks, you want a little look into my world? Into the sundry happenings, peoples, and animals that populate my existence? Then, good goddamn. You’re in the right place. This is Desktop Thursdays! Your glimpse into my world(s)! And, I hope you’ll share a look into yours in the comments section!

The following installments cover, good god, from November 1 until January 24! I, I gotta be better with these.


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Desktop Thursdays: Every Piece Matters

desktop thursdays every piece matters

Woot, woot! It’s a Desktop Thursdays, my friends! I know, it’s a Friday. But you can’t get choosy when dealing with my dumb ass! Be grateful I’m even posting it at all, ya feel? It’s been a minute. A hot fucking minute since I last posted one. Just, you know, been busy. Slogging through the miasma of reality, experiencing some highs, experiencing some slows.

But those are tales for another time! Right now, I’m gonna show you my fucking world(s)! Then I hope you show me your own in the comments section!

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Press Start: Severed Heads and Savoir Faire


Big Al down the pub told me that he’s seen the PS4. He said it’s sort of shiny, round and floats towards you ominously with its protruding spikes and blades. I told him that was one of the spheres from Phantasm. To be fair: I should have known better, Al is renowned for being full of shit – he once even told me that dogs can’t look up.

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Replicate Dude’s 126-Hit Chun Li Combo, Snag $50. Do It For Me!

Apparently there is a dude who goes by the handle of Desk. And he is strong with the Super Street Fighter IV force. I am not. But Desk, this Desk chap, he can deliver the combo goodness. Homeboy is challenging anyone on the interwebs to replicate his 126-hit combo with Ms. Chun Li. Anyone who can pull it off will net a sweet $50. Now listen, I’m fucking hopeless. I can’t string together anything beyond a five-hit combo, and that’s only with Ryu! Why do I play as Ryu? Because when I was little, he was neat. Yeah, I said it. I’m one of those legion of Street Fighter gamers who never grew up, and just wants to throw fireballs ad nauseum.

Hit the jump to check out the video of Desk’s combo. And then do it, do it for me.

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