Views From The Space-Ship: Every Piece Matters

desktop thursdays every piece matters

Woot, woot! It’s a Desktop Thursdays, my friends! I know, it’s a Friday. But you can’t get choosy when dealing with my dumb ass! Be grateful I’m even posting it at all, ya feel? It’s been a minute. A hot fucking minute since I last posted one. Just, you know, been busy. Slogging through the miasma of reality, experiencing some highs, experiencing some slows.

But those are tales for another time! Right now, I’m gonna show you my fucking world(s)! Then I hope you show me your own in the comments section!


artwork student dropped on the old chalkboard

student artwork


great shark hunt (1)



workplace (1)



life is hard (1)



workplace (2)



dapper af

dressin' up


they can’t kill us until they kill us



workplace (3)

doin my class prep thang


great shark hunt (2)



life is hard (2)

life is so hard