Replicate Dude’s 126-Hit Chun Li Combo, Snag $50. Do It For Me!

Apparently there is a dude who goes by the handle of Desk. And he is strong with the Super Street Fighter IV force. I am not. But Desk, this Desk chap, he can deliver the combo goodness. Homeboy is challenging anyone on the interwebs to replicate his 126-hit combo with Ms. Chun Li. Anyone who can pull it off will net a sweet $50. Now listen, I’m fucking hopeless. I can’t string together anything beyond a five-hit combo, and that’s only with Ryu! Why do I play as Ryu? Because when I was little, he was neat. Yeah, I said it. I’m one of those legion of Street Fighter gamers who never grew up, and just wants to throw fireballs ad nauseum.

Hit the jump to check out the video of Desk’s combo. And then do it, do it for me.