More ESPN x Marvel Brings Kevin Durant, Wielder of Mjöllnir!

[Source: karismatic]

What the fuck is going on here, exactly? Unlike last week’s reveal of Kobe Brytant wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, 2/3 of this picture makes no sense. First off, there’s no way a self-absorbed douchebag like Lebron James would wield Captain America’s shit. Fucking preposterous. He’s someone like Norman Osborn. For years, he was totally tricking everyone, casting a spell so they thought of him virtuous. But now we all see his god damn goblin visage. Unless they’re riffing on Rob Liefeld’s classic Captain America atrocity. In which case, yes, James’ ego is as out-of-proportion as Liefeld’s anatomy.

And Kobe in Iron Man garb? Well, I suppose they’re both talented and self-aggrandizing douchebags. Still though.

I’m totally sold on Durant wielding Mjöllnir though. Like Thor, he’s a third beast that’s often overlooked, but still carries some righteous fury in his frame.

Alright, I’m totally done being a dork about this. Artwork is dope, too.