First official ‘STAR TREK DESCENT INTO DARKNESS’ hints at villain.

Aiiight. I’m tired of attempting to guess the villain in Star Trek Descent Into Darkness. I spent a good amount of time in my alchemy lab, attempting to brew concoctions consisting of Diet Mountain Dew, powdered energy drink, and arm pit sweat that would allow me to slough the flesh and infiltrate the Abrams compound. These mad ales nearly worked, but every time I got close I would run into a wall around the palace generated by Abrams and Lindelof’s Smugness. A thick, impenetrable wall of self-satisfaction and emo kid glasses. Thus, I relented. You and me must sate our curiosity on morsels like this, the first official plot synopsis for the flick.

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‘PROMETHEUS 2’ is going to happen. Oh please no faith-heavy pedantry.

Well, fuck. Prometheus 2 is going to enter into this world, aiming straight for our cerebral cortex with vomit-inducing themes of faith and nonsense. Here is hoping Ridley Scott can find himself a human being aside from Damon Lindelof to write the script. Here is hoping Lindelof’s busy schedule doesn’t let him do it. It’d be amazing to see what could happen if the writer wasn’t patting himself on the back with one hand, while mashing out high-fives to Christianity with the other ad nauseam.

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Brad Bird To Direct Damon Lindelof’s Myster Sci-Fi Flick ‘1952’; This Rules

Brad Bird has been a force for years with non-human participants in the world of movies, and with Mission Impossible: Ghost Swing Arabian Nights  proved that he could handle us fleshy ones. Now that he’s proven himself, he is set to tackle the mystery Damon Lindelof project.

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Damon Lindelof Hints ‘LOST’ Could Return; Go Full BioWare And Fix Shit Ending?

LOST  could be making a comeback if Damon Lindelof’s titty teaser has any weight behind it. Promoting Prometheus  or some shit, the maestro hinted yet again that we haven’t seen the end of the Island.

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DC COMICS Announces ‘DIGITAL FIRST’ BATMAN By Lemire, and Lindelof. This Is Hot.

The giant digital push is coming, so grab the grease and practice your groans or moans. Depending on your distributional ideology. DC has announced “Digital First” Batman as well as other “digital first” joints  and the line-up alone may be able to persuade you.

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Video: Guy Pearce Gives A TED Talk As His ‘Prometheus’ Character, Viral ++

This piece of viral rocket has been tearing up the geek bandwidth all damn day. While I was in class. Watch Guy Pearce give a TED Talk as his character from Prometheus. But more than that!, the explicit connection between Prometheus  and Alien  hinges on said dude bro.

Hit the jump for the video. The info. The shiznit.

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‘Star Trek’ To Begin Filming January 2012, Won’t Open Until Summer 2013. At Least.

Let it never be said that us fans of the Star Trek reboot aren’t being patient in our anticipation of its sequel. Motherfucker is dragging on! It isn’t going to begin filming until next January, and even then we won’t see it until the summer of 2013. At th earliest.

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Damon Lindelof Writing A Sci-Fi Movie For Disney. Ending Sucks! LOL.

Snark aside, I really like Damon Lindelof. Despite the fact that the ending to LOST sucks, and he acted like a douche on Twitter when George R.R. Martin pointed this out to him. This makes the fact that he’s writing a sci-fi movie for Disney very, very exciting.

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Oh Shiz! Lindelof Starting Work On Star Trek Sequel Like Wut!

[image courtesy of slashfilm]

Fug yeah, Damon Lindelof is starting work on the script for the Star Trek sequel. I’m stoked, stoked, I say!

I can only imagine he may in fact be a bit excited to work on something that isn’t a monstrous, unwieldy bloated mess, too. I mean, I love LOST, despite its flaws; and intrepid LOST fans, spending more than ten minutes after the emotional resonancy of the finale has worn off will bring countless to light. By the end, it must have seem burdensome for everyone involved. But here Lindelof will get to work with a universe, while enormous, isn’t attempting to tie together six seasons of storylines with a bow.

Or, I suppose, not tie them all together! Zing!

No seriously though, I’m excited.